WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH Y OUR MEASURE HHH DOLLARS?--City Council President Herb Wesson, who has watched Mayor Eric Garcetti drag his feet for more than a year, building NO units of housing to shelter the homeless with voter-approved “Measure HHH” homeless funds, tweeted out a catchy PR campaign today that in no way moves the dime.

@THE GUSS REPORT-In the nearly three years he has been a Los Angeles City Councilmember, David Ryu has been silent on the issue of inhumane living conditions at thousands of South Korean dog meat farms, where the terrified and tortured animals are eventually killed and eaten. 

D.C. DISPATCH-Just yesterday in Washington, news broke that Rick Gates had allegedly agreed to cooperate with the Special Counsel’s office in his case against Paul Manafort. Today, Mueller filed new charges under seal against both Manafort and Gates. Mueller is obviously upping the ante to get Gates to fold and for some reason he is stalling. Could Trump be considering offering pardons? 

CAL MATTERS--Well folks, it looks like we may have an old-fashioned, down-to-the-wire political race this year for governor, something Californians haven’t seen for quite a few years.

CORRUPTION WATCH-We are ignoring the mechanism by which a predatory society brings incessant violence upon itself. The United States is one of the most abusive, predatory societies on the planet. Whether a person is sane or not, a person’s national culture is the major factor in whether he or she murders masses of people. These shootings arise from our nature. 

VOICES--In nearly every corner of Los Angeles, there are homeless encampments — collections of flimsy tents, usually within mere feet of a school, a park, a business, or someone’s home. Their presence invariably sparks a neighborhood debate, with loud voices proclaiming that “those people” are there by choice.

GELFAND’S WORLD-- (This is another article in a continuing campaign to inform, educate and energize  Angelenos on the reformation of city government … explaining the how, the why and the possibilities.) 

When I wrote the first of my series of articles on LA governmental reform, I received an inquiry from a fellow CityWatch author. He asked what I thought of the proposed initiative by governor candidate John Cox (photo above). Since I had never heard of the proposal, I didn't answer at the time. Here is my take on an interesting attempt that -- like so many other initiative attempts -- was dropped on the public without advance warning and most importantly, without an attempt to build a consensus among the voters that something like it would be helpful. 

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-According to the San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti conditionally supports Senator Scott Wiener’s proposed Senate Bill 827, which has been amply pilloried – for good reasons – at CityWatchLA. The mayor’s one condition is that an amendment to this real estate bill should protect existing rent stabilized apartments from demolition. 

FIRST PERSON-For quite a while now I have believed that the longstanding, preprogrammed and well-orchestrated failure of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) (along with other public school districts like it around the state and country) can only be changed for the better by a radical restructuring of its openly entrenched self-serving bureaucracy. It is a system that, by its very nature, has put the interests of its vendors before those of its students, teachers, families, and communities. 

RANTZ AND RAVEZ-When the elected officials and pundits from the City of Los Angeles proposed tax increases to address the growing homeless population, I was skeptical and warned you about my concerns. 

@THE GUSS REPORT-The politicians at LA City Hall and other local electeds last week got a taste of their own “you can’t beat City Hall” medicine as federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents descended into local communities to arrest undocumented immigrants with criminal histories, causing an unfortunate – and 100% predictable and preventable – consequence:  undocumented immigrants without criminal histories were scooped up from their beds, the breakfast table and workplaces, too. 

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