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Question of the Coming Decades: How Will Whites React to Becoming Minorities

Gregory Rodriguez
September 18, 2014
IMPERFECT UNION-It’s not surprising that the release of Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson’s racially provocative e-mail about his team’s fan base didn’t inspire the same level of public outrage as the secretly recorded rantings of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The Levenson story lacked the pathos, the sordid sexual angle, the dysfunctional marriage, and the irrational court maneuverings of a man whose own family trust declared him “mentally incapacitated.”  Read More...

California’s Philanderer in Chief

Ron Kaye
Sep 18, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Search on Google for the phrase “Gavin Newsom philanderer “and you get 34,300 results in 0.17 seconds. I’m not sure every one of those hits goes beyond the California Lieutenant Governor’s sexual achievements but the first 10 pages of links were all about his womanizing during his years of public service as San Francisco supervisor and mayor and now in his role a heartbeat from the governor’s mansion.  Read More...

Hot Weather, a Shortage of a Great Vision

James Preston Allen
Sep 18, 2014
AT LENGTH-These days, even sitting at your computer can leave you drenched with sweat. It is exactly at times like these that I wonder why we have not lined our streets with a forest of shade giving trees, open public pools at many of our city parks, or finally renovate and open the Gaffey Street pool to give relief for neighborhood children.  Read More...

An Ungrateful Nation: The Surge of Female Vets Living on the Streets

Bill Boyarsky
Sep 18, 2014
HEROES UNSUNG-The female veteran had been raped twice in the service. The first time was at the Twentynine Palms Marine training center in Southern California. It happened again in Iraq. “It was extremely difficult,” she said. On top of that, she was stressed from combat and, after her discharge, experienced depression. “For a year, I only woke up to eat and drink whiskey. ... Not till later did I realize it came from sexual trauma.”  Read More...

LA’s Elite ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Bringing Whooping Cough, Measles Back

Kasia Anderson
Sep 18, 2014
TRUTHDIG-Spurred by their shared concern that vaccinating their children will do more harm than good, parents in Los Angeles who have taken an anti-vaccination stance—“anti-vaxxers,” as those among their ranks are called—could be putting more than their own kids’ health at risk. According to an article posted last week by The Hollywood Reporter, children from some of the more affluent parts of LA are recycling a trend that nobody wants to revisit: whooping cough.  Read More...

First Person: The Facts about Prop 46

Bob Pack
Sep 18, 2014
BACKTALK-Rosemary Jenkins got many facts wrong in her CityWatch column about Proposition 46, California’s patient safety initiative on the November ballot (“Confusing Prop 46: Could Provide Disastrous Consequences”). I am the main proponent of Prop 46, and I’m here to tell you there’s nothing confusing about the actual statute voters will consider, as can be found in the Voter Information Guide. Read More...

Anti-Nepotism and Other Scandals

Greg Nelson
Sep 18, 2014
QUICK THOUGHT-The Los Angeles Fire Commission just adopted new rules to try and prevent nepotism in the Fire Department. Concern was triggered when it was realized that 30% of the recruits in the new training class had relatives working for the department.  Read More...

Disciplining Children: When Parents Go too Far

Rosemary Jenkins
Sep 18, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Many of us grew up under the philosophy, “Spare the rod--spoil the child.” Others simply believe in spare the rod and a miracle of good behavior will ensue. We all know of the many young people who grew up, flourished, and became the good, decent people we had expected they would become. On the other hand, despite the various disciplines to which others were exposed, they evolved into the very kind of people we had hoped they would not be.  Read More...

Electric Tricycles: Something You Didn’t Expect to See in CityWatch

Bob Gelfand
Sep 18, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-You probably didn't expect to see an article about tricycles in CityWatch, but what if they were really cool, adult sized vehicles that are powered by electricity, and that they can potentially help solve our traffic problems? What if I were to tell you that I watched grownups -- wearing suits and ties -- zooming around on futuristic tricycles inside the harbor's old Warehouse 10 at the Port Tech expo?  Read More...

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James Brown-CBS sports host-domestic violence bigger than football

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Tempest in a Teapot … or, the Start of a Revolution?

Denyse Selesnick
Sep 18, 2014
NC WATCH-This past Tuesday evening, I was invited to the first meeting of the StakeholdersEmpowerment Enlightenment Coalition (SEEC) by Mary… Read More...

What California is Really Doing about the Heat and the Drought … Besides Complaining

Kay Martin
Sep 18, 2014
LEANING RIGHT-Ninety two (92) million people are unemployed under the current administration and will be unemployed for generations to come as long… Read More...

Surviving Incumbency

Sara Roos
Sep 18, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-In her new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, Naomi Klein (photo) discerns an irresolvable conflict of… Read More...

The Next Round of an Unwinnable War Beckons

Amanda Ufheil-Somers
Sep 18, 2014
OTHER WORDS-Once again, a U.S. president vows to eliminate an extremist militia in the Middle East to make the region, and Americans, safe. And that… Read More...

Budget Busting Police Contract

Jack Humphreville
Sep 15, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-The City and the Police Protective League, the union that represents the 10,000 sworn members of our Police Department, are at an impasse… READ MORE...

Southern California Becoming Less Family-Friendly

Joel Kotkin
Sep 15, 2014
WHO WE ARE-The British Talmudic scholar Abraham Cohen noted that, throughout history, children were thought of as “a precious loan from God to be… READ MORE...

School District Digs Themselves a Hole on Subway

Joel Epstein
Sep 15, 2014
BEVERLY HILLS … CITY OF NO?-Is this any way to run a railroad? Or a school board? Is this any way to treat the residents of Los Angeles County and… READ MORE...

More Sex, Less Murder

Odysseus Bostick
Sep 15, 2014
THE BOSTICK REPORT-There’s something I don’t get and perhaps you could enlighten me. Feel free to comment below this article with your input. Why are… READ MORE...



Voices Header

The LA Times’ Love Affair with John Deasy

Ellen Lubic
Sep 18, 2014
VOICES-The LA Times is on a roll. This week, in their lead editorial, they put the blame for the LAUSD dysfunction squarely on the Board of Ed for questioning Deasy about the wasted costs of approximately $500 million for the iPad debacle, and for the current MiSiS fiasco which still has students… READ MORE...

John Deasy Looks Good on Paper … But the Paper is Suspect

Scott Folsom
Sep 15, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-A 4LAKids reader emailed me last week, as the revelation that Superintendent Deasy had ‘lawyered up” and was calling for investigations of the Board of Ed’s emails with technology vendors broke. He suggested the line: “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud hatch out” from… READ MORE...

A Response to Elie Wiesel

Sara Roy
Sep 11, 2014
Mr. Wiesel, VOICES- Mr. Wiesel … I read your statement about Palestinians, which appeared in The New York Times on August 4th. I cannot help feeling that your attack against Hamas and stunning accusations of child sacrifice are really an attack, carefully veiled but unmistakable, against all… READ MORE...

Silver Lake: Where’s the Love?

Carol Knapp
Sep 08, 2014
VIEW FROM AFAR- In 2013 I decided to move from Silver Lake, California to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There were many reasons for my decision, not the least of which was the atmosphere of mind-controlled conformity that emanated from the NC system. Don't get me wrong: there were things about Silver… READ MORE...
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South LA Community Launches Plan to End Youth Homelessness

Janet Kelly
Sep 18, 2014
SOUTH LA-The South Los Angeles Homeless TAY and Foster Care Collaborative (Collaborative) will launch a “Homeless No More Community Plan”, a blueprint that will outline 6 strategic goals with action steps to develop a system of care in South LA for homeless youth at a community briefing session, on… READ MORE...

Griffith Park Sycamore Tree Protest: 100-Plus, Lawsuit Announced

Kristin Sabo
Sep 15, 2014
SAVING GRIFFITH PARK-More than one hundred tree lovers came to the Friends of Griffith Park'sHeritage Sycamore event on Saturday. Friends board member Gerry Hans announced that Friends along with the Griffith J. Griffith Trust will indeed be filing a lawsuit on the Crystal Springs Little League… READ MORE...

The McMansion Fight: Soon a Neighborhood of Kleenex Boxes

Peter Merlin
Sep 08, 2014
CARTHAY SQUARE-As I stood across the street from the two-story framed box being built on my block and raised a camera to record its enormous size, a young carpenter swung down off the second story and ran towards me, his hammer still in his hand. “Why are you taking pictures,” he demanded.… READ MORE...

Windsor Village Loses Appeal on Large Scale Lucerne Blvd Project

Julie Grist
Sep 04, 2014
LARCHMONT BUZZ-About five dozen people showed up at City Hall on Tuesday August 26 to make their voices heard regarding the approved 32 unit condominium “Morumbila” development planned for two lots on South Lucerne Blvd, just south of the Ebell of Los Angeles in Windsor Village. But after four… READ MORE...

Much Ado about Theatrics: 'Django Unchained' Actress Gets to Follow the Rules Too

Kimberly Cooper
Sep 18, 2014
GUEST WORDS-I'll be the first person in a dogfight to throw down for equal justice and constitutional rights under the law for all people. I've been… READ MORE...

The ‘Rocket Docket’: Child Refugees Are Pleading for Asylum in Downtown LA

Leighton Woodhouse
Sep 18, 2014
INSIDE THE COURTROOM WITH THE BORDER KIDS-Courtroom X, on the 17th floor of a nondescript office building in downtown Los Angeles, is a cramped and… READ MORE...

What’s Next IF Deasy is Out? Speculation Abounds

Vanessa Romo
Sep 18, 2014
INSIDE LA EDUCATION-The possibility that LA Unified Superintendent John Deasy will no longer be at the helm of the nation’s second largest school… READ MORE...

Measure R-2: A Few Reminders for the Politicians, Developers and Advocates

Ken Alpern
Sep 18, 2014
GETTING THERE FROM HERE-Keeping my ears close to the ground, and trying hard to stay close to the grassroots, I'm guessing that I'm not the only one… READ MORE...


Confusing Prop 46: Could Provide Disastrous Consequences

Rosemary Jenkins
Sep 15, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Over the last few weeks, I have addressed a number of legislative issues. Today’s column is devoted to clarifying a somewhat bewildering… READ MORE...

A Better Use of ‘Community Service’ Time or How Alarcon and Wright Could Help Neighborhood Councils

Greg Nelson
Sep 15, 2014
CONSIDER THIS-Former state legislator Rod Wright got sentenced to, among other things, a boatload of community service time hours. It looks like… READ MORE...

MetroRail is Coming to LAX and the Westside … Time to Focus on Station Design

Ken Alpern
Sep 15, 2014
GETTING THERE FROM HERE-After talking, listening, debating and arguing about how best to get the expanding MetroRail system to LAX, the Westside and… READ MORE...

Witness Video Surfaces: Shows Dangers of Forum Traffic at MTV VMA Awards

Randall Fleming
Sep 15, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Inglewood's Mayor, James T. Butts, appears to have made a deal with Madison Square Garden (MSG) to deactivate the red light traffic… READ MORE...

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