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Let’s Give Workers Something to Cheer About

Robert L. Borosage
August 28, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Labor Day is supposed to be a celebration of workers, but it’s been a long time since workers have been celebrated — or for that matter, have had a reason to celebrate. That’s because the union movement that gave us this holiday is, at least numerically, a shadow of its former self. If we really want to give workers something to cheer about, we need to revitalize unions. It’s no coincidence that prosperity was widely shared when unions were at the height of their power in the decades after World War II, and that inequality has soared as unions have been weakened.  Read More...

The Real Reason for Low Voter Turnout: Not Voter Apathy, Voter Disgust!

Allan Hoffenblum
Aug 28, 2014
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT-(Volumes have been written … and spoken … in the months past on the cause of low voter turnout in Los Angeles and California. Mr. Hoffenblum has it right. And, until our electeds are able to see themselves … and the disconnected system … through the eyes of their ‘disgusted’ constituents, the downward trend will not be reversed.-Editor, CityWatch.) The California Target Book, which I publish, just mailed out to subscribers its updated analyses of the key congressional and state legislative races in California this year.  Read More...

Now Our City Council Wants a Sidewalk Tax!

Jack Humphreville
Aug 28, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-Pleading poor mouth, our City Council appears to be hell bent on dumping its obligation to repair our tree damaged sidewalks on homeowners, apartment owners, commercial establishments, and/or the general public. The City estimates that 40% of our 10,750 miles of sidewalks are in need of various levels of repair and that the cost to fix our failed sidewalks and curbs will be at least $1.5 billion. Read More...

Jumping Sharks in Sacramento … or, What Would Fonzie Do?

Ken Alpern
Aug 28, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-You remember that famous two-part episode in the old sit-com Happy Days, when Fonzie jumped over a shark in water skis ... and demonstrably proved that an otherwise funny and smart family-oriented comedy series was running out of ideas? Or is that too far back in the past, back in the 1970's, when obeying the law and living within one's budget was still hip and cool and obvious?  Read More...

New Documents Reveal Why LA’s Mayor Cut Red Tape to Land Jay Z’s ‘Made in America’ Labor Day Festival

Gary Baum
Aug 28, 2014
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER-Revelers at Jay Z's Labor Day weekend Made in America festival might wonder how such a major music event in the center of downtown Los Angeles came together in only a few months without the usual bureaucratic red tape. Some longtime city observers point to an especially cozy relationship between MayorEric Garcetti, who made the event his passion project, and Live Nation, its producer. Read More...

Don't Call Terrorists Muslims

Behtaj Amiri
Aug 28, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-I am guilty of asking why good Muslims don’t speak up against the terrorist and separate themselves. I was wrong. This child tried to do that with her terror, and she was killed. Listen to her, what an intellect, a jewel, a leader. I would have risked my life to save her. Wouldn’t you?  Read More...

What Chumps Feel When Tricked, Cheated Or Deceived: iHad

Sara Roos
Aug 28, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-The Edu Revelations coming from west of downtown over on Beaudry are fast and furious, like the responses from all around. So fast is the news regarding Deasy’s iPads morphing in the media, that no sooner does one settle as a stakeholder on some sort of ask or demand in response, than the situation reveals itself to be altogether different as a new set of spin replaces the old. Everything is just topsy turvy: Oopsy Deasy.  Read More...

Issues Potpourri: Split Roll, Plastic Bags, Food 4 Less and More

Rosemary Jenkins
Aug 28, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-LA’s Support for Split Roll: You might remember that the concept of split roll came out of the passage of Proposition 13 several decades ago. One part, which was to keep homeowner property taxes down, has lived up to its promises and expectations, but another portion of that same regulation also keeps the tax rate down for large businesses and corporations. All these years later, these companies are still taking advantage of the loophole that was written into that law.  Read More...

Perilously Hanging from One Hand of a Clock, and Other Fun

Bob Gelfand
Aug 28, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-One afternoon I arrived at the train station in Munich, Germany, fairly ignorant of what might be considered interesting by the locals. And there in the station bookstore was a movie poster on the wall, showing a thin man with glasses, high up the side of a building, hanging from the hand of a clock. You will of course recognize that image and the description of Harold Lloyd, a Nebraska native and San Diego transplant who made the classic comedy Safety Last! right here in Los Angeles.  Read More...

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Brigitte Gabriel-American author, journalist ... on Radical Islamists

Rob Riener-American actor, director ... on Hamas vs. Teaparty know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

Working Americans Can't Just Wait for the Next President

Larry Cohen
Aug 28, 2014
LABOR DAY 2014-We tried waiting and hoping for real change six years ago. Today, income inequality grows steadily worse, while economic opportunity… Read More...

Los Argentina: LA's City Council Issues an Ultimatum to Wall Street. Default Ahead?

Wall Street Journal
Aug 28, 2014
THE CITY-Capital markets howled when Detroit declared bankruptcy last year and stiffed creditors. So maybe Los Angeles's City Council is doing… Read More...

Guest Commentary: Californians Have a Right to Diss Their Officials

The LA Times Editorial Board
Aug 28, 2014
BROWN ACT-Los Angeles County leaders are once again on the wrong side of government transparency in their opposition to a bill that would prevent… Read More...

My First Week of Kindergarten

Joe Mathews
Aug 28, 2014
CONNECTING CALIFORNIA-“Wait, Daddy,” you say. You are 5, and you have your priorities. You are reassembling the wooden train tracks into a new… Read More...

The DWP is Stealing Your Beer

Odysseus Bostick
Aug 25, 2014
THE BOSTICK REPORT-With 58% of California is in a state of “extreme drought”, researchers at UC Davis are projecting job losses on the horizon of… READ MORE...

Pension Spiking: Bleeds the Taxpayers. Nobody Likes It. But It Just Won’t Die!

Joel Fox
Aug 25, 2014
POLITICS-Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters zeroed in on the problem with the CalPERS Board coming up with many end runs to increase or “spike”… READ MORE...

The Real Story Behind the “Invasion” of the Children

Aviva Chomsky
Aug 25, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Call it irony or call it a nightmare, but the “crisis” of Central American children crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, which lasted for… READ MORE...

Pass the Popcorn: LA’s Education Establishment Explodes

Sara Roos
Aug 25, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-The education news exploding through the tubes via KPCC and the LATimessince last Thursday is absolutely staggering. There is a… READ MORE...





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LA’s Neighborhood Councils: Kid’s Play

Betty Woodman
Aug 28, 2014
GLASSELL PARK-This past Tuesday night, the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council was the victim of a juvenile attempt to thwart their Special Meeting. Driving up to the gated parking lot, of their well known community center in North East LA, they found a padlock and chain had been used to keep it… READ MORE...

Cowboys Eat Sushi and What Happened to the Lodge?

Irene DeBlasio
Aug 25, 2014
STUDIO CITY- Studio City is home to many oldtimers who worked in the film, television and music industry as well as Lockheed Corporation. I had a friend who worked on the stealth bomber and others who worked for NASA. Our neighboring Van Nuys General Aviation Airport was a giant hub of activity. We… READ MORE...

La Brea – Hancock Neighborhood Rallies Against Mansionization

Julie Grist
Aug 21, 2014
PEOPLE POWER-The La Brea – Hancock neighborhood is seeing an onslaught of “mansionization,” and residents of the neighborhood of single-family homes have organized to prevent additional small homes being bulldozed to make way for large two-story modern structures. Yet the journey to make changes in… READ MORE...

Alert: Critical Forum on Aliso Canyon Oil Drilling

Kelly Hill
Aug 18, 2014
PORTER RANCH-Termo oil company is trying to get approval to drill 12 new oil wells in Aliso Canyon, right in the backyard of Porter Ranch and Chatsworth. In addition to many homes, there are several schools in the immediate area. We are very concerned about the potential negative effects of oil… READ MORE...

Dive Bar Owner Set to Open Restaurant

Aug 14, 2014
ECHO PARK — The folks who renovated and reopened Little Joy, the one-time Sunset Boulevard dive bar, two years ago are now in the process of opening a new bar and restaurant on Echo Park Avenue in the former home of Allumette. The Holloway, which shares the name of a former Echo Park dive bar that… READ MORE...

City Attorney Cracks Down on Illegal Tobacco Sales

Edwin Folven
Jul 31, 2014
MID CITY-Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has suspended tobacco sales at 14 retailers for 30 days as part of his attempt to crack down on establishments selling tobacco products to minors. In the local area, the licenses to sell tobacco were suspended at the Beverly 76 gas station at 4700… READ MORE...

NC Looking for Parking Lots for Homeless Sleepers

Aaron Blevins
Jul 21, 2014
HOLLYWOOD-The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee on Monday discussed the possibility of identifying parking lots that homeless individuals could use to sleep in their cars. Erik Sanjurjo, (photo) who chairs the committee, said the council is simply… READ MORE...

Guest Editorial: LA Should Prioritize Citywide Sidewalk Repair

Los Angeles Register
Jul 21, 2014
CITYWIDE-Contrary to what Angelenos have grown accustomed to, deep fractures and deterioration are not typical characteristics of sidewalks. Sidewalks are actually supposed to be usable and walking on them should not result in injury. Yet, the city estimates that about 40 percent of its sidewalks… READ MORE...

How to Save the Life of the Next Michael Brown

Camisha Jones
Aug 28, 2014
FIXING RACISM-Michael Brown. Jordan Davis. Sean Bell. Trayvon Martin. The list of African-American boys and men gunned down at the hands of police… READ MORE...

‘No Angel’: Miley Cyrus and the Reality of Homeless Youth

Jessica Goldstein
Aug 28, 2014
CELEBRITY POLITICS IN LA-Miley Cyrus is mad at the media. And Miley Cyrus is right. Cyrus brought Jesse Helt, a homeless 22-year-old, as her date to… READ MORE...

34 Unsolved Shooting Homicides in Inglewood … No One Else Comes Close

Randall Fleming
Aug 28, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-According to the LA Times Homicide Blog and, there were 34 shooting homicides reported in the City of Inglewood… READ MORE...

Encino’s Fire Station 83: A $1 a Year Fire Sale

Jack Humphreville
Aug 25, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-You would never know that the City of Los Angeles is facing a budget deficit of $165 million next year given the way the City Council is… READ MORE...


A San Fernando Valley Love Letter

Denyse Selesnick
Aug 25, 2014
PERSPECTIVES-Everyone likes to make fun and criticize the San Fernando Valley (SFV). One of my CityWatch colleague’s, Ron Kaye, wrote a very… READ MORE...

Scottish Secession and Obamacare

Bob Gelfand
Aug 25, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-Few Americans seem to know that three weeks from now, Scotland will have a referendum to decide whether or not it will be independent… READ MORE...

Savoring Burgers and Labor Victories

Jim Conn
Aug 25, 2014
LABOR DAY PREVIEW-It was just another summer backyard barbeque. A few veggie patties followed by a few burgers on the grill. Some drinks. Some… READ MORE...

Did Video Music Awards Spark a “Power Interruption” in Inglewood?

Randall Fleming
Aug 25, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD—This weekend, Viacom’s MTV hosted the Video Music Awards (VMA) at the Forum in Inglewood. Prairie Avenue and the west segment of… READ MORE...

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