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Look Out for Obama's Legacy

Joel Kotkin
October 20, 2014
WHO WE ARE-With public support for Barack Obama recently at low ebb, some might suggest that his will be a weak political legacy. But, in reality, the president’s legacy may prove profoundly important in having helped usher into power a new dominant political configuration whose influence will survive for decades to come. In “The New Class Conflict,” I describe this alliance as the New Clerisy, which encompasses the media, the academy and the expanding regulatory bureaucracy. This Clerisy already dominates American intellectual and cultural life and increasingly has taken virtual control of key governmental functions, as well as the educations of our young people.  Read More...

What the Port of LA Won’t Tell You

James Preston Allen
Oct 20, 2014
DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER-In the almost 35 years that I have been publishing this newspaper for our community, there’s one question I’ve always had to navigate: How much of what we know do we actually print? As you can probably guess, we are told much more than we ever use and we face the consequences of printing the truth as we know it. Our story on the Pacific Battleship Center, the nonprofit organization charged with operating the USS Iowa naval museum, is a case in point.  Read More...

AEG: Plan B Yes, NFL No

Jack Humphreville
Oct 20, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-Last week, the Los Angeles City Council approved a six month extension of its September 2012 Implementation Agreement with the Anschutz Entertainment Group (“AEG”) involving relocating an existing National Football League franchise to a new, privately financed state of the art stadium in Downtown Los Angeles. It also includes plans (photo) for the modernization of our outdated Convention Center by replacing the 43 year old West Hall with a new $250-$300 million facility, all at no out of pocket cost to the City. Over the last two years, AEG has been unable to obtain a commitment from an NFL team to relocate to Los Angeles, the second largest media market in the country. But that is not unsurprising given the greed of the billionaire oinksters that control professional football.  Read More...

The Prosperity PAC: They’ve Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

Ron Kaye
Oct 20, 2014
POLITICS-Democratic super-majorities have become the rule in the California Legislature (except when so many are banished because of serious criminal charges), so it should come as no surprise that among the handful of competitive general election races is one that pits one liberal Democrat against another. The race for the Senate in the wealthy and liberal district that runs from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and south along the beaches is a perfect example of such a contest. Passions are running high and the outcome could well be determined by who gets the most votes from conservatives disenfranchised by the new top-two primary finishers running off in the general election.  Read More...

Beware: The Clean Coal Myth

Rosemary Jenkins
Oct 20, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-Fracking. The Keystone Pipeline. Wind and Solar. Energy-efficiency. Natural gas. Oil Power. And now Clean Coal. All these issues are being thrown at us—right and left. It is mind-boggling. What we are now hearing more and more about media is the oil industry’s promotion of clean coal. The explanations being proffered sound reasonable. The facts, however, prove unambiguously otherwise.  Read More...

Say WHAT? There WERE Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?

Ken Alpern
Oct 20, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-Well, shut the front door! Bush did NOT lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's)? So there was a huge cache of chemical weapons were sitting in the Iraqi desert in enormous amounts, and actually making Americ an GI's ill? And those who handled the chemical weapons were told to clam up about the point they were prevented from receiving proper medical care and official recognition of their wounds and discovery?  Read More...

Warning: It’s the First Amendment Right of Politicians to Lie

Clinton Galloway
Oct 20, 2014
The Truth about Propaganda- The mere mention of the word propaganda evokes thoughts of totalitarian governments and third world countries. Wikipedia says “propaganda is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience or further an agenda. Propaganda can be used as a form of ideological or commercial warfare.”  Read More...

Confession: I Gave Up Football for Beethoven and I’m Glad I Did

Bob Gelfand
Oct 20, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-Jacaranda is a chamber music organization that bills itself as "music at the edge," and performs mainly at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica. I must confess that I don't know a lot about chamber music playing, much less the intense craft of string playing that is so much a part of it. But there I was on Saturday night, missing the second half of the football game between Notre Dame and Florida State, and happy to do so.  Read More...

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Steve Jobs-Visionary-“I don’t care about being right’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Supreme Court Justice, Legal Pioneer know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

LAUSD: Welcome Back Ray … or Not …The Debate

Oct 20, 2014
PROS AND CONS: The LA School Board struck a deal last week with Superintendant John Deasy. He has stepped down after months of missteps and… Read More...

For the Next Attorney General, a Modest Suggestion: Fix Presidential Pardons

Stephen Engleberg
Oct 20, 2014
POLITICS-Dear Possible Attorney General Nominees (You Know Who You Are) … Now that President Obama has put off nominating his new Attorney General… Read More...

Cars, Canards and Low Standards in our Transportation Battles

Ken Alpern
Oct 20, 2014
GETTING THERE FROM HERE-The good news: the first of 78 light rail cars (Kinkisharyo P3010-photo)) for use on our ever-expanding Metro Rail system was… Read More...

My Days at the Bay Guardian … Printing the News and Raising Hell

John Schwada
Oct 20, 2014
FIRST PERSON-The death of any newspaper is a sad occasion. But it was personal when I learned that the plug had finally been pulled on the San… Read More...

The Right to Live -- And Die -- On Your Own Terms

Melanie Young
Oct 16, 2014
WHO WE ARE-I write and talk frequently about how to live life on your own terms -- how to make the most of the days you have and enjoy what you do… READ MORE...

Alarcon’s Real Crime: He Served Himself Better Than He Served His People

Ron Kaye
Oct 16, 2014
HE COULD HAVE BEEN A CONTENDER-Faced with charges the he lied about living in his San Fernando Valley Council District, Richard Alarcon defended… READ MORE...

Los Angeles: Rent Crisis Capital of America

Silvia Jimenez, Paul Ong, Rosalie Ray
Oct 16, 2014
LA … MOST UNAFFORDABLE IN U.S.- Los Angeles is now the most unaffordable rental market in the country. It is also the metro area with the largest… READ MORE...

U.S. Ebola: Dr. Frieden is the Problem … He Needs to Step Down or be Fired

Paul Hatfield
Oct 16, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-As I stated in my previous article on the Ebola crisis, there is probably little risk of a major outbreak of the disease in the United… READ MORE...



Voices Header

Drought and Greedy Developers

Michele Florman
Oct 20, 2014
VOICES-Our neighborhoods are being repeatedly victimized and exploited by greedy developers (IMT, IVT,), lawyers, politicians , planning department and city officials. These entities consciously, with full knowledge of consequences, permit and encourage dense high rise construction units plaguing… READ MORE...

Issues with ‘Safe to Rape in LA’ Article

Robert Lamishaw
Oct 16, 2014
VOICES-The report on ‘LA Police Making It Safer to Rape in Los Angeles’ highlights several points, that it may not have intended. First, the police and DA don't generally pursue he said/she said cases of sexual assault because they are making rational decisions based on the potential of getting a… READ MORE...

You Shouldn’t Need the Rosetta Stone to Park in Los Angeles

Councilman Krekorian’s Office
Oct 13, 2014
VOICES-Councilmember Paul Krekorian’s idea to make LA’s incredibly confusing parking signs readable, simple and understandable got an enthusiastic welcome at the LA City Council Transportation Committee hearing this week. Krekorian drafted a City Council motion urging the city pursue an… READ MORE...

Beware: New … and Expensive … Gas Tax

North Hills West Homeowners Group
Oct 13, 2014
VOICES-There’s a new tax on gasoline that you all should be aware of. The new tax is expected to "increase the cost of gas between 15 cents and 75 cents per gallon, according to the California Air Resources Board." We need to ensure that this does not happen and we all should take note to stop this… READ MORE...
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People Power: Historic Sycamore Trees Saved

Councilman Krekorian’s Office
Oct 20, 2014
STUDIO CITY- Cantura Street's Sycamore trees are on their way to historical designation as Councilmember Krekorian moves forward to protect the trees. Last week, he met with the residents of the Studio City neighborhood to discuss the progress. The quiet street is lined with 90-year-old, 100 foot… READ MORE...

Is the Bob Baker Marionette Theater Worth Saving without Puppets?

The Eastsider
Oct 16, 2014
ECHO PARK- Portions of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater would serve as the lobby of a proposed 104-unit apartment complex. But Baker’s struggling puppet theater company is scheduled to move out next year, prompting the head of the Cultural Heritage Commission to ask if the historic landmark is… READ MORE...

Larchmont Bungalow Zone Change Denied

Patricia Lombard
Oct 13, 2014
LARCHMONT BUZZ-In a report issued this week, the Department of City Planning has recommended denial of all three requests by the Larchmont Bungalow in its most recent entitlement application. The Central Area Planning Commission will take up the matter at a public hearing next week on Tuesday,… READ MORE...

La Brea Hancock Neighborhood Fed Up with Avalon Wilshire

Julie Grist
Oct 09, 2014
LARCHMONT BUZZ-The park behind the Avalon Wilshire is an ongoing headache for residents of the adjacent La Brea Hancock area who are fed up with the drug dealing occurring in the park, and the Avalon’s lack of response to fixing the problem. According to residents of the adjacent La Brea Hancock… READ MORE...

Bombing Syria: For Peace and … Profit

Jon Queally
Oct 20, 2014
VIEW FROM THE FRONT-To The Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk, there is only one clear winner in the new war that has now engulfed… READ MORE...

Kashkari’s TV Spot Betrays His Utter Lack of Decency

Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine
Oct 20, 2014
CALBUZZ-Everyone knows that Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is going to crush his Republican challenger, Neel Kashkari, in the November election,… READ MORE...

‘White Boy’ Biden Got it Right … and Wrong … about the Tea Party

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Oct 20, 2014
URBAN PERSPECTIVE-Vice President Joe Biden got the tongues furiously wagging again after a recent meeting with black ministers in South Carolina.… READ MORE...

Why Hasn’t Minimum Wage Raise Happened Yet?

Rosemary Jenkins
Oct 20, 2014
JUST SAYING’-Minimum wage increases have been an issue for at least the last hundred years. It has once again been brought from the back to the front… READ MORE...


Above the Law? Calif Board of Equalization Chair Horton Uses State Funds for Campaign Mailer

Randall Fleming
Oct 20, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Last week, California State Board of Equalization (BoE) Chair Jerome Horton used the state agency’s envelopes and postage to mail… READ MORE...

Did Armageddon Arrive and I Missed the Announcement?

Denyse Selesnick
Oct 16, 2014
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH-Talk about depressing…you know it’s bad when you have to watch Blacklist in order to get a laugh. Between the Ebola situation,… READ MORE...

Shocker: Steve Bradford Withdraws from 35th District State Race … Wait ‘Til You Hear Why

Betty Pleasant
Oct 16, 2014
SOULVINE UNCHAINED-Woe be unto us! In a year loaded with political shocks, comes now Assemblyman Steve Bradford to give us another one: He announced… READ MORE...

How Safe are Your Kids!: Ignoring the Killer Dangers of Artificial Turf … for Politics and Profit

Rosemary Jenkins
Oct 16, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-The alarm must be sounded! The problems with the installation and use of artificial turf must neither be discounted nor minimized. The… READ MORE...

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