CA PRIMARY WATCH--In his year-and-a-half as California’s attorney general, Democrat Xavier Becerra has made a full-time job of fighting the Trump Administration—filing more than 30 lawsuits to defend the environment, immigrants, birth control access and more.

GELFAND’S WORLD--To great fanfare, the mayor and assembled officials rolled out their plan for something called Resilient Los Angelesa couple of months ago.

BULLETIN-The nine colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District are managed by a Board of Trustees with seven positions elected District-wide by the electorate, and a Student Trustee elected by the students of the District. A Trustee position that has become vacant (Seat No. 3) will be filled by the remaining Trustees who will appoint a qualified person to serve through December 14, 2020.

PERSPECTIVE--Residents of Koreatown are outraged over Councilmember Herb Wesson's insistence on creating a temporary homeless shelter on a City-owned parking lot on Vermont near Wilshire.  To be clear, the community is not saying they refuse to accept a homeless shelter in Koreatown.

BCK FILE--The laid-back South Bay community perhaps best known for beach volleyball and bike rides along The Strand has become an epicenter of activism, thanks to a group of local moms, including Jen Jenkins Dohner who founded Postcards for Progress, a cottage industry of artisan postcards to use to contact not only legislators but also for Get Out the Vote drives throughout the country, run through the Georgia-based group Postcards to Voters.  

MY TURN--Every single day, liberals wake up to hear and see some of the worst behavior, lies and misleading claims that have ever existed in our government.

CORRUPTION WATCH-The genius of Weinstein Game Plan was simple: (1) abuse people, and (2) use your power to silence your victims. Perhaps, it’s more accurate to call Weinstein’s plan The Standard Operating Procedure for America’s Powerful.

GUEST WORDS--Despite the heartfelt support of Los Angeles residents to house the homeless with their votes for Proposition HHH and Measure H, the math and housing model underpinning the city’s plans will leave over 20,000 people on Los Angeles’ streets for the next ten years.

ERODING LOCAL AUTONOMY-As the California State Legislature continues to concoct new bills that remove local control over land use it is probably a good time to remember that cities have police powers that cannot be completely ignored.

ALPERN AT LARGE--Perhaps the greatest (but not always the most obvious) thing about America to remember on Memorial Day is not the debates and divisions in America, but that we're allowed to have them.

ALPERN AT LARGE--With all the mental and psychological jujitsu we're supposed to play with the "top two" primary system we imposed on ourselves, the governor's race is probably simpler than most might think: 

EASTSIDER-First of all, hats off to the EAPD (East Area Progressive Democrats) Club who scooped everyone in Los Angeles when they caught the LAUSD Board doing the down and dirty, secretly hiring Austin Beutner in a closed session that was not agendized or disclosed. 

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