ANIMAL WATCH-Not everyone who loves animals has a “rescue” mentality. Many loving, responsible pet owners do not see adding a dog or cat to their family as a purpose, but just as an enrichment to their normal lives. If an Angeleno chooses to obtain a dog (or cat) from a source other than LA Animal Services or another shelter, or decides to clone a current beloved pet, does that make them a traitor or less compassionate than an adopter?   

DEEGAN ON LA-Westlake, one of the original neighborhoods for the gentry, was spiraling downward for many years but is now facing gentrification, and that inevitability is bringing objections about how the neighborhood is scaling upward. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--Mayor Garcetti, you have it within your power to enact first-rate reforms, or to enact first-rate failures.  Or maybe a bit of both.  But inasmuch as you've terrorized and betrayed Angelenos with misguided and misinterpreted methods of mayhem to enact some sort of "Vision Zero" policy, you have also brought on a courageous, common-sense, consultant to fix LA's transportation and infrastructure problems. 

CORRUPTION WATCH-“Gallia estomnisdivisa in partestres.”(Julius Caesar, de Bello Gallico.) Likewise, our California judiciary’s money laundering is divided into three parts: (1) the judges and justices themselves (2) The Commission of Judicial Performance and (3) the California State Bar.  

HOUSING CRISIS MADE WORSE-We all agree that we need to build more housing, particularly affordable housing near transit, but SB 827 introduced by Senator Scott Wiener (SF-D) is not the answer. In fact, SB 827 could have an even more detrimental impact on our housing crisis by increasing gentrification, destroying existing affordable housing, and displacing low income and working-class tenants. 

@THE GUSS REPORT-In about a month, the United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on a case out of Illinois,Janus v. AFSCME, that could crush the influence that public sector unions have on Los Angeles politicians and their peers across California and the U.S. But don’t look to the recently unionized LA Times on how that ruling might impact you on a day-to-day basis.

EASTSIDER-It is not a secret that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) is broken. It is equally evident that something like 90 percent of their woes are self-inflicted wounds by Grayce Liu, the DONE staff and their assigned City Attorney. So, what should we do? 

TENANT JUSTICE -The nearly one dozen tenants facing eviction in South Los Angeles, after a transitional housing manager failed to pay rent and abandoned the property, will have to return to court after attorneys on both sides agreed to a continuance on Friday. 

AT LENGTH-Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Dominic H. Choi appeared at the Los Angeles Police Commission this week and explained that LAPD officers had arrested 14,500 homeless people in 2017 as part of his year-end homelessness report. This is a 10 percent increase from the year before for an agency that claims that this is a problem that we can’t arrest our way out of. But apparently, they’re trying. 

RANTZ AND RAVEZ-When I joined the LAPD in 1968, the world existed just fine without the Internet, electric cars, Amazon, Costco, the delivery of fast foods to your home or business and a host of other current conveniences that we can’t seem to live without. Today, here in LA, along with other major cities throughout the state and the nation, we face the challenges of high taxes, seven days-a-week gridlock, andincreasing numbers of homelesspeople in our neighborhoods, as well as many other obstacles. 

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