AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL—Just when the Trumpster had you convinced that Americans had lost that touch of humility that once accompanied its braggadocio, along comes a life altering crisis and an airplane full of heroes … and humility. Gives us pause. Maybe our DNA hasn’t been totally rewritten. Maybe there is hope. Take a look.  Let me know what you think.

ALPERN AT LARGE--Despite the attempts of sneaky and agenda-driven idiots, ideologues, and creepy developers to ruin the good that transportation does for an economy, and for civilization, we're now getting into the BORING, the TUNNELING portion of our mass/rapid transit efforts for 21st-Century Los Angeles.

GELFAND’S WORLD--I had heard about the fight over Yosemite naming rights, but you have to see it to really feel it. In previous years, visitors arriving through the southern entrance would pass the Wawona Hotel.

GUEST COMMENTARY--On Monday, Mayor Garcetti gave his State of the City speech in the People’s Hall, City Council Chambers. 

FIRST PERSON-Could somebody explain to me why an unprovoked and senseless attack by Salman Abidi in 2017 on an audience of predominantly innocent children watching an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England is called “terrorism,” while systematic government-sanctioned unprovoked attacks on predominantly innocent children in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere are referred to as "collateral damage"? 

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