The Real Meaning of Covfefe!

CORRUPTION WATCH-Finally, Trump has provided an answer to his bizarre turn of phrase, “covfefe.” As the world now knows, this is the last word in a midnight tweet by the Twit-in-Chief. It comes at the end of a prepositional phrase, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” 


The intended word was most likely “coverage” since “f” is close to both “v” and “r” on the keyboard, but figuring out what word Trump-a-Doodle wanted to tweet is not the point. It reveals a careless person with half-formed, half-baked ideas. 

The erratic nature of Trump is the product of two personality disorders: (1) histrionic and (2) narcissistic with paranoid features. The real problem, however, is not Trump, but the American public that lives in a state of covfefe. Our collective inability to see that this emperor has no clothes is the actual threat. As a nation, we refuse to acknowledge that the real problem facing us is us. Pogo warned us, but we did not listen. 

One aspect of covfefe is that we are allowing a mentally disturbed person to run amuck throughout the world. The GOP is so obsessed with its own power that it risks crashing Western Civilization as long as it has a President who will sign whatever cockamamie legislation it passes.   

The Democrats have zilch, nada, zip in response to Trump-a-Doodle’s and the GOP’s bizarre policies -- except incessant fund raising. All I am receiving from Democrats via Facebook and emails is a never-ending demand for cash. I just got one from Kamala Harris, who allowed corruptionism to run unchecked in California for the entire time she was California’s Attorney General. Even the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals complained about her in January 2015. 

Nationally, the Democrats are ignoring the fact that their approval ratings are actually lower than Trump’s. Yet they focus on fundraising. Which Democrat other than Rep. Adam Schiff (D- California) is actually doing something? Schiff may be the only local Democrat who has not asked me for money. 

So the nation is in a state of covfefe – a mindless confusion with no coherent idea of what is wrong or the real threats facing us.   

Locally, we have been warned that we Angelenos are being fed a constant diet of Horse Pucky. Judge Allan Goodman told us in January 2014 that the City of Los Angeles uses “lies and myths” to subvert the rule of law. In order to make certain Angelenos will not have a voice to stop corruptionism, Justice Paul Turner removed two attorneys on the Hollywood Community Plan case and installed his hand-picked buddy to argue that Hollywood should prepare to double its population to 400,000 by 2030 and build more high rises. In reality, Justice Turner had no jurisdiction to do this -- making his action criminal as it was outside the bounds of his judicial immunity, but in a city based on corruption, no one cares. It’s just covfefe – a meaningless word to cover-up criminality. 

In June 2013, the LA County Grand Jury told us that when Garcetti and other members of the City Council partially defunded the paramedics, they knew that people would needlessly die as a result and that people did needlessly die. Yes, I am screaming knew that people would die. Yet, they shoveled money that should have gone to paramedics into the coffers of real estate developers. No one cared. How else can we explain the way Angelenos complain that TrumpCare will leave people to suffer and die, yet ignore the fact that Los Angeles has already done that? It’s simple: covfefe. 

The City demolishes over 21,000 rent-controlled units, throwing thousands of people into the streets. Angelenos are foolish enough to tax themselves $2 billion on the pretext of building affordable housing, but in reality that money will end up subsidizing up-scale apartments. (The $1.2 billion in bonds will cost Angelenos $2 billion due to interest.) It would have been far less expensive not to tear down poor people’s homes. 

On a national level, Obama promised hope, but instead he gave us Timmy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury and an absurdly regressive economic policy in which Wall Street got trillions of dollars and Main Street went to bankruptcy court. Obama-Geithner paved the way for Trump. It is no secret that harsh economic times always result in internecine hostilities, or in everyday language, bigotry and violence against scapegoats. We saw the same thing during the Great Depression. Why did Obama-Geithner do such a thing? The new word covfefe is as good an explanation as anyone is going to get. 

Hillary steadfastly refused to admit the role that Obama-Geithner played in perpetuating the recession and the transfer of 90% of the productivity gains to the top 1%. The appropriate name for this transfer of wealth is “theft.” While the minorities were seriously harmed by the Obama-Geithner follies, the whites in the Rust Belt felt it more as they had been accustomed to a rising standard of living ever since the end of the WW II. Because of their proclivity to rely on faith and their historic naivete in the face of demagoguery that goes back to the Great Depression and Father Charles Coughlin, they fell for the Trumpian nonsense that Mexicans were the cause of their woes. They longed for a mythical, simpler time with simplistic solutions, e.g. a Wall. 

Americans have to accept the blame. The emperor is not only walking down the road stark naked with oozing pustules of green slime, but he is yelling that no one should look. And, since millions of Americans pretend there is nothing to see, then no one will look. 

In fact, covfefe is a perfect term to describe the modus operandi of all of our Charlatans including Trump, Garcetti, the California courts, Obama, Clinton, etc. It’s a meaningless, incoherent non-word which leaves the public befuddled and impotent.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Abrams views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.