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LA Hanging On as a Top Global City

Joel Kotkin
September 01, 2014
WHO WE ARE-For more than a century, Southern Californians have dreamed of their region becoming host to a great global city. At the turn of the 20th century Henry Huntington, who built much of the area’s first mass-transit system, proclaimed that “Los Angeles is destined to become the most important city in the world.” Of course, builders of other cities – St. Louis, New Orleans, Chicago and even Cincinnati, Ohio – have made similar predictions. But LA’s claim, unlike the others, had a significant resonance. Not only was the region growing rapidly throughout the previous century, and now stands as North America’s second-largest population center, but it dominated a host of fields, notably entertainment and aerospace, and was highly influential in energy, fashion and manufacturing.  Read More...

Labor Day: You Remember ‘Labor,’ Don’t You?

Richard Reeves
Sep 01, 2014
TRUTHDIG-I woke up last Thursday morning to learn that my FedEx man does not work for FedEx. Voices on National Public Radio’s "Morning Edition" informed me that although FedEx controls just about every minute of its drivers’ days, the corporation regards them as "independent contractors."  Read More...

Black America and the Blind Watchman

Clinton Galloway
Sep 01, 2014
URBAN PERSPECTIVE-A media that it does not control creates the issues and images of Black America. Since Black America does not control the issues we also do not control the solutions. Those that ultimately control the images that are displayed in all news, music and entertainment are responsible for the value systems that are established within the Black community. Black politicians have been responsible for assuring the lack of participation in the national media system of America. The failure of black leadership is at the core of the failings within the Black community.  Read More...

Finger-Length Transactions: City Hall’s Standard

Paul Hatfield
Sep 01, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-A sensible organization or individual would engage in an arm’s length transaction for a negotiation where assets or services are exchanged. Here’s a succinct definition of an arm’s length transaction according to Investopedia: A transaction in which the buyers and sellers of a product act independently and have no relationship to each other.  Read More...

Sidewalks: LA’s City Council Wants It Both Ways

Jack Humphreville
Sep 01, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-At the Tuesday, August 26 meeting of the City Council, Paul Krekorian was leading the parade to impose a yet to be determined Sidewalk Tax to fund his preliminary Sidewalk Repair Program to fix our 4,600 miles of broken sidewalks at an estimated cost of at least $1.5 billion. But only an hour earlier, the City Council approved - without any public comment - the Krekorian orchestrated backroom deal where the City will lease vacated Fire Station #83 - located on a valuable corner lot at Balboa and Addison in Encino - to the Armenian Cultural Foundation for a buck a year for the next thirty years.  Read More...

Hillary Got It Right on Ferguson and Race

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Sep 01, 2014
RACE AND POLITICS-Hillary Clinton was pilloried and battered for days on end for not uttering a peep about the Michael Brown slaying, the Ferguson disorders, and most importantly race. Clinton took heat on this for the simple reason that she almost certainly will run for president and likely win. It would look pretty peculiar for a presidential candidate, especially a Democratic presidential candidate, and likely winner not to say anything about America’s eternal flashpoint issue. But it was worth the wait for her to speak out. Clinton skipped the platitudes and echoed the uncomfortable truths that black men are routinely profiled, disproportionately pack America’s jails and prisons, and get longer sentences than white males.  Read More...

Can You Wear a Tan Suit and Still Love Your Country?

Norman Lear
Sep 01, 2014
GUEST COMMENTARY-We all know that loving your country is a serious matter, especially when you are the president. And we all know that wearing a dark color is taken to be far more serious than wearing a light one.  Read More...

I Pledge Allegiance

Rosemary Jenkins
Sep 01, 2014
JUST SAYIN’-It was 3:45 in the morning and I was making the grand sacrifice to get up so very, very early, but it was well worth it because I was going to witness the swearing-in ceremony for my good friend! He had waited for years and done all the right things. He worked hard, married, had a son and is a positive contributor to his family and community. Now it was his turn to achieve one of his great dreams and be rewarded for being such a good heart—US citizenship.  Read More...

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Brigitte Gabriel-American author, journalist ... on Radical Islamists

Jerry Brown-California Governor … Talks to students know your watering daysgk-is-1016.jpglink

Laboring to Find Those Who Truly Care about ... Labor!

Ken Alpern
Sep 01, 2014
ALPERN AT LARGE-This is Labor Day--a day to celebrate and proclaim the value and critical importance of labor. So what is the average American to do… Read More...

LA Billboard Biz Spends Big to Sway City Hall … More than $1 Million So Far 2014

Dennis Hathaway
Sep 01, 2014
BILLBOARD WATCH-With major signage issues pending before the City Council, LA billboard companies spent just over $1 million lobbying city officials… Read More...

City Hall’s Strange Bedfellows

Daniel Wiseman
Sep 01, 2014
VOICES-On Friday, August 22, the City Council discussed and voted (Council File Item No. 14-1112) to reach a settlement of the lawsuit between Brian… Read More...

The Real Reason for Low Voter Turnout: Not Voter Apathy, Voter Disgust!

Allan Hoffenblum
Aug 28, 2014
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT-(Volumes have been written … and spoken … in the months past on the cause of low voter turnout in Los Angeles and California. Mr.… Read More...

What Chumps Feel When Tricked, Cheated Or Deceived: iHad

Sara Roos
Aug 28, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-The Edu Revelations coming from west of downtown over on Beaudry are fast and furious, like the responses from all around. So fast… READ MORE...

Working Americans Can't Just Wait for the Next President

Larry Cohen
Aug 28, 2014
LABOR DAY 2014-We tried waiting and hoping for real change six years ago. Today, income inequality grows steadily worse, while economic opportunity… READ MORE...

Los Argentina: LA's City Council Issues an Ultimatum to Wall Street. Default Ahead?

Wall Street Journal
Aug 28, 2014
THE CITY-Capital markets howled when Detroit declared bankruptcy last year and stiffed creditors. So maybe Los Angeles's City Council is doing… READ MORE...

34 Unsolved Shooting Homicides in Inglewood … No One Else Comes Close

Randall Fleming
Aug 28, 2014
INSIDE INGLEWOOD-According to the LA Times Homicide Blog and, there were 34 shooting homicides reported in the City of Inglewood… READ MORE...





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CD4 Race: The Candidates Take on Traffic

Hayley Fox, Colin Stutz and Ryan White
Sep 01, 2014
LOS FELIZ COURIER-With the Los Angeles City Council District 4 election just six months away, the Ledger will look closely each month until the March 2015 election on where the candidates stand on some key issues, like Los Angeles Police Dept. raises, homelessness, crime and the state of the Los… READ MORE...

LA’s Neighborhood Councils: Kid’s Play

Betty Woodman
Aug 28, 2014
GLASSELL PARK-This past Tuesday night, the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council was the victim of a juvenile attempt to thwart their Special Meeting. Driving up to the gated parking lot, of their well known community center in North East LA, they found a padlock and chain had been used to keep it… READ MORE...

Cowboys Eat Sushi and What Happened to the Lodge?

Irene DeBlasio
Aug 25, 2014
STUDIO CITY- Studio City is home to many oldtimers who worked in the film, television and music industry as well as Lockheed Corporation. I had a friend who worked on the stealth bomber and others who worked for NASA. Our neighboring Van Nuys General Aviation Airport was a giant hub of activity. We… READ MORE...

La Brea – Hancock Neighborhood Rallies Against Mansionization

Julie Grist
Aug 21, 2014
PEOPLE POWER-The La Brea – Hancock neighborhood is seeing an onslaught of “mansionization,” and residents of the neighborhood of single-family homes have organized to prevent additional small homes being bulldozed to make way for large two-story modern structures. Yet the journey to make changes in… READ MORE...

Alert: Critical Forum on Aliso Canyon Oil Drilling

Kelly Hill
Aug 18, 2014
PORTER RANCH-Termo oil company is trying to get approval to drill 12 new oil wells in Aliso Canyon, right in the backyard of Porter Ranch and Chatsworth. In addition to many homes, there are several schools in the immediate area. We are very concerned about the potential negative effects of oil… READ MORE...

Dive Bar Owner Set to Open Restaurant

Aug 14, 2014
ECHO PARK — The folks who renovated and reopened Little Joy, the one-time Sunset Boulevard dive bar, two years ago are now in the process of opening a new bar and restaurant on Echo Park Avenue in the former home of Allumette. The Holloway, which shares the name of a former Echo Park dive bar that… READ MORE...

City Attorney Cracks Down on Illegal Tobacco Sales

Edwin Folven
Jul 31, 2014
MID CITY-Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has suspended tobacco sales at 14 retailers for 30 days as part of his attempt to crack down on establishments selling tobacco products to minors. In the local area, the licenses to sell tobacco were suspended at the Beverly 76 gas station at 4700… READ MORE...

NC Looking for Parking Lots for Homeless Sleepers

Aaron Blevins
Jul 21, 2014
HOLLYWOOD-The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committee on Monday discussed the possibility of identifying parking lots that homeless individuals could use to sleep in their cars. Erik Sanjurjo, (photo) who chairs the committee, said the council is simply… READ MORE...

Viral Video: Beaten and Disowned for Being Gay

Zack Ford
Sep 01, 2014
CIVIL RIGHTS-This week, a video went viral of 20-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce experiencing an intervention of sorts by his Georgia-based family,… READ MORE...

Some Terrible Things Have Happened To and By Local Black People

Betty Pleasant
Sep 01, 2014
SOULVINE-Atrocities! Some terrible things have happened to and by local black people this week which I’ve been unable to rail against because I’ve… READ MORE...

LAUSD Super Finally Exposed … An Audit and Grand Jury Should be Next

Ellen Lubic
Sep 01, 2014
EDUCATION POLITICS-Finally the lack of transparency of the mismanaged leadership of LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is seeing the light of day. The… READ MORE...

Don't Call Terrorists Muslims

Behtaj Amiri
Aug 28, 2014
PERSPECTIVE-I am guilty of asking why good Muslims don’t speak up against the terrorist and separate themselves. I was wrong. This child tried to do… READ MORE...


Let’s Give Workers Something to Cheer About

Robert L. Borosage
Aug 28, 2014
WHO WE ARE-Labor Day is supposed to be a celebration of workers, but it’s been a long time since workers have been celebrated — or for that matter,… READ MORE...

New Documents Reveal Why LA’s Mayor Cut Red Tape to Land Jay Z’s ‘Made in America’ Labor Day Festival

Gary Baum
Aug 28, 2014
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER-Revelers at Jay Z's Labor Day weekend Made in America festival might wonder how such a major music event in the center of downtown… READ MORE...

Perilously Hanging from One Hand of a Clock, and Other Fun

Bob Gelfand
Aug 28, 2014
GELFAND’S WORLD-One afternoon I arrived at the train station in Munich, Germany, fairly ignorant of what might be considered interesting by the… READ MORE...

Now Our City Council Wants a Sidewalk Tax!

Jack Humphreville
Aug 28, 2014
LA WATCHDOG-Pleading poor mouth, our City Council appears to be hell bent on dumping its obligation to repair our tree damaged sidewalks on… READ MORE...

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