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  • Sarah Lazare

    A Leaked Draft of Secretive Trade Deal Spells Out Plan for Corporate Power Grab

    WHO WE ARE-Newly leaked classified documents show that the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, if it goes through as written, will dramatically expand the power of corporations to use closed-door tribunals to challenge—and supersede—domestic…
  • Mayor Garcetti, Where’s the Green for the LA River?

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-At the direction of the Los Angeles City Council, the City Administrative Officer submitted a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers stating that the City will have the financial capability to satisfy its cost sharing obligations with the…
  • Location Filming Should be a Blessing Not a Burden

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-The city and state are desperate to keep film and television work within our borders. They have gone to great lengths to curb runaway production, a chronic battle with far off places like Toronto. Tax giveaways get the most press,…
  • Assemblywoman Lopez: The People’s Patty

    Denyse Selesnick
    MY TURN-Something unusual happened last November. Despite my bemoaning the fact that “grass roots” seems to belong in our past … the election of Patty Lopez (D) to the 39th District State Assembly actually was a total grass roots effort. The generic…
  • Let’s Toast Xi Jinping … California’s Savior

    Joe Mathews
    CONNECTING CALIFORNIA-Dear President Xi Jinping (photo) …This is a thank you note from California. Thank you, first off, for sustaining our neighborhoods through these last difficult years. Thank you for keeping wealthy Chinese so nervous about your…
  • So, Sadly We Must Ask: Is Jerry Brown Really a Fracking Whore?

    Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine
    CALBUZZ-Gov. Jerry Brown is dedicated to preserving the environment and leading the fight against climate change. He’s fearless enough to slap Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a “disgrace” for trying to incite the states to reject White…
  • Enough of the Partisanship, Mr. President--The Election is OVER

    Ken Alpern
    POLITICS-The title of this piece probably would make a lot of you presume a reference to last November's elections...and you would be wrong--for the most part. I'm not talking about the November 2014 elections where the GOP took a commanding hold…
  • The Politics of the NCAA Sweet Sixteen

    David Morris
    SPORTS POLITICS-When television cameras zoomed in on Kansas Governor Sam Brownback in the middle of the Kansas-Wichita State NCAA basketball game a thunderous chorus of boos broke out. Viewers gained a rare glimpse of the politics behind March…
  • California Should Make Regular People More of a Priority

    Joel Kotkin
    MINING CALIFORNIA’S GOLD-California in 1970 was the American Dream writ large. Its economy was diversified, from aerospace and tech to agriculture, construction and manufacturing, and allowed for millions to achieve a level of prosperity and…

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  • A Peace of Historic West Adams

    Sue Helmy
    In fasted-paced, overstressed Los Angeles, there is a restful haven open to the public free of charge. Within a short 5-minute drive from downtown,…
  • Leo Carrillo Beach, a Deal to Remember

    Sue Helmy
    You never really think of going to the beach as a “deal” or a “discount”. But it is local, free, and everyone loves to go, including your best friend…
  • FREE Endless Art in Beverly Hills

    Sue Helmy
    Among the well-maintained boutiques, homes and manicured lawns, there are 60 works of art sprinkled around the city brought in from the Fine Arts…

  • LA Issue: ‘McMansions’ Put on Hold

    Dakota Smith

    Date: Mar 27, 2015 

    Concerned that new “McMansion” homes are changing the character of Los Angeles neighborhoods, the Los Angeles City Council moved Wednesday to temporarily restrict development in 20 areas. 

    The City Council unanimously passed the Neighborhood Conservation Interim Control Ordinance, which put a two-year ban on the size of new, single-family dwellings in some neighborhoods. 

    The ordinance temporarily limits the size of single-family dwellings in 15 neighborhoods: Valley Village, South Hollywood, La Brea Hancock Neighborhood, The Oaks of Los Feliz, Miracle Mile, Larchmont Heights, Lower Council District Five, Beverlywood, Inner Council District Five, Fairfax Area, Bel Air, Faircrest Heights Neighborhood, Kentwood, Mar Vista/East Venice and Old Granada Hills. 

    The law also puts a temporary moratorium on the issuance of building and demolition permits in five proposed Historic Preservation Overlay Zones: Sunset Square, Carthay Square, Holmby-Westwood, Oxford Square and El Sereno-Berkshire Craftsman District.  

    The new rules came amid a “proliferation of out-of-scale developments that threaten the cohesion and character” of neighborhoods, a city report states. (Read the rest.)   



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    Pub: Mar 27, 2015

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