March 3 Election Warning! Watch for a New Voting System, Beware of Voter Deception

RANTZ & RAVEZ-The California Presidential Primary Election will be held on March 3. Unlike previous years, you will now vote at “Vote Center Locations” throughout Los Angeles County. 

Starting on February 22 and continuing through March 3 you will go to one of the hundreds of Voting Centers and cast your vote on a computer. This is explained in the voting materials mailed to you. If you have questions on the new procedure, check out LAVote.net or phone (800) 815-2666. Millions of dollars have been spent on this new voting system. We will see if it works. Or will it be another fiasco like the recent Iowa Democratic Caucus?   

Be aware of deception with some ballot propositions. 

I have previously stated that I am not a Republican or Democrat. I am officially registered as a No Party Preference. I vote for the person or measure based on the impact the candidate or measure will have on me and my community. I would like to present my honest evaluation of the candidates and measures you have the opportunity to vote for. 

If I mention Hoard Jarvis and the 1978 measure “Proposition 13” that brought us tax modifications for both residential and commercial property, what do you think of? Most of you will remember it establishing restrictions on all property tax increases in California. Well, deception is alive and well in Sacramento. With our one-sided majority of elected state officials in love with taxes, the increase connected with this “Prop 13” is massive. This time, Prop 13 will increase taxes, authorizing $15 billion in state general obligation bonds for public education facilities. The $15 billion will actually increase to $26 billion when you include interest that will be paid on the bonds. With $22 billion in state surplus accounts, do we really need this tax increase? 

A review of State General Obligation Bonds for Education from 2002 thru 2016 shows the following information: A total of $44.8 billion has already been approved by voters for Schools, Community Colleges, Cal State Universities and the University of California. These were all done under props 47, 55, 1D and 51. Do they really need additional tax dollars for education in California when the voters already approved $44.8 billion for education in our state?  

Be aware that the Los Angeles Unified School District is working on a school ballot bond measure for the upcoming June election. What this means is additional taxes for all of us. 

When you receive mailers from candidates or propositions, they are designed to encourage you to vote for this person or that proposition. My recommendations are not paid for my anyone. They are my personal views and based on my research and knowledge of the various candidates and ballot measures. 

Here are my recommendations for the March 3rd election:  

Los Angeles City Council, 12th District

   John S.  Lee 

LA Unified School District

   Elizabeth Bartels-Badger 

State Senator, 27th District

   Henry Stern 

State Assembly, 45th District

  Jessie Gabriel 

United States Representative, 30th District

   Brad Sherman 

Los Angeles County District Attorney

  Jackie Lacey


Judges of the Superior Court: 

Office 17.   Shannon Kathleen Cooley

Office 42.   Linda L.  Sun

Office 72.   Steve Morgan

Office 76.   Emily Cole

Office 80.   Nick C.  Rini

Office 97.   Sheree L.  Powell

Office 129.  Mark MacCarley

Office 131.  Michelle Kelley

Office 141.  Lana Kim

Office 145.  Adan Montalban

Office 150.  Manuel Alejandro Almada

Office 162.  Scott Andrew Yang 


County Measure R.  NO 

State Measure 13.   NO


(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County. Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.)