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Anti-LGBTQ Veep Just Can’t Stop Talking about Mayor Pete


INTEL REPORT--Vice President Mike Pence just can’t help himself. America’s best known anti-LGBTQ politician, the former governor of Indiana, says he doesn’t want to talk about Pete Buttigieg, the out Democratic presidential candidate from the Hoosier state, but he continues to do it.

Possibly because the media won’t let him escape the topic. Even Fox News is questioning Pence over his snide attacks on the mayor of South Bend that questions the gay candidate’s religious faith.

“If he wins their party’s nomination, we’ll have a lot more to say about him,” Pence told Fox News’ Shannon Bream in an interview this week. But he continued to say he didn’t like Buttigieg’s “assertion and others’ assertion that was critical of people of our religious beliefs, broadly.”

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