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7th Annual FREE 1,000 Christmas Tree Giveaway!

Who: Active Recycling Co. Inc,

What: Santa Claus invites you to the 7th Annual FREE 1,000 Christmas Tree Giveaway!

When:  Monday, December 5th 10:00AM

Where: Active Recycling 2000 W. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90047

What began as an act of charity seven years ago with Errol Segal purchasing a tree for a customer with limited means, has evolved into a community program where 1,000 Christmas Trees are NOW BEING GIVEN AWAY AGAIN FOR FREE!

In an unprecedented act of giving, Active Recycling is holding its 7th Annual Free Christmas Tree Giveaway!

Yes, that is correct, dump up to 500 pounds of trash for free or bring in scrap iron, cardboard, newspaper, copper, brass, aluminum, and more and receive a FREE Christmas tree. (One tree per customer/vehicle, until they are gone).

Once again there is no minimum to the amount of trash or recyclables being brought in, to receive a free tree.

At a time when Christmas Trees are at an all-time high, it is even more important that our community members receive this gesture of good will.

There are many factors such as fires, drought and transportation contributing to the high cost of the Christmas Trees this year, but our community should not go without a tree if they desire one.

Between the cost of the tree and the ability to dump up to 500 pounds of trash for free, those taking full advantage of the program are receiving a Christmas Gift valued at $300.00. 

1,000 fresh Christmas Trees came from a Tree Farm in Oregon and are now in South Central Los Angeles.

The Free 500 Pounds of Trash Dumping Program was started by Active Recycling several years ago to help address the challenge of Illegal Trash Dumping in the City / County of Los Angeles.

The Clean Up Los Angeles City / County Campaign has to date resulted in over 18 million pounds of trash being accepted at Active Recycling Co. Inc. for free. 

Illegal trash dumping is out of control in the City / County of Los Angeles.  Active Recycling wants to do its part in providing a solution and support for the community.

As the largest Dual Trash/Recycling Station in Los Angeles, Active strives to be a strong community partner.  

Active Recycling is open “7” days a week from 5:30am to 7:30pm including all holidays, 2000 West Slauson Ave. Los Angeles (323) 295-7774.

Once again, the trees will be given away until they are gone!