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Dear 2UrbanGirls: Black Lives Matter Lawsuit is Telling

SOUTH OF THE 10 - The lawsuit between the Black Lives Matter organization and Dr. Melina Abdullah are very disturbing.

There have been so many questions of how the money is being spent and to allege that these “volunteers” were paying themselves $10,000 per month is…concerning.

It calls into question all of the skirmishes Abdullah was involved in: swatting calls, being physically dragged out of debates, police commission hearings, and the like now appear to be intentional to drive up donations.

Photos of her and her comrades at lavish waterfront restaurants, trips out of the country, paid modeling gigs, the purchases of multi-million dollar homes all appear to be ways to enrich themselves off peoples death. Countless families of victims say they weren’t offered monetary assistance from BLM although the money was being raised off their dead loved ones backs.

A member of the Pasadena organization also called out Abdullah but no one listened.

Dr. Abdullah is a respected professor and i really hope these allegations aren’t true.

BLM supporter


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