LA County Sheriff Outraises Challengers By 9-1 Margin

SOUTH OF THE 10 - Los Angeles County has released fundraising documents for the upcoming Sheriff’s race with Alex Villanueva outraising his challengers by a 9-1 margin.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva has raised $1,239,240 to date, and having spent $393,925, along with debt of $20,073, he has $950,405 cash on hand.

“The public is desperate for solutions to out-of-control homelessness and crime. The three-card Monte game of distraction against the sheriff by the political establishment has failed. We will win in June,” Sheriff Villanueva’s campaign director, Javier Gonzalez, said. “The political elite will regret listening to their woke, well-off, privileged staff instead of listening to the concerns of immigrant communities, working class African-Americans, middle class homeowners and small-business owners who have borne the brunt of rising crime and out-of-control homelessness.”

Cecil Rhambo, the party’s initial favorite, told the LA Times he considered dropping out of the race, when he was reached after the candidates forum hosted by ALADS (Association for Los Angeles Area Deputy Sheriff’s).

This was presumably after his shooting record became public, which he has still yet to address, publicly.

He is reporting he has raised $212,994, and spent $148,690.  He loaned his campaign $20,000, and has debt totaling $24,033, leaving him with $44,304.

Eric Strong has raised a total of $81,902, of which $15,000 was a loan to himself.  Spending a total of $57,261, leaves him with $24,641 cash on hand. With $34,518 in outstanding debt, his campaign appears to be in the red. 

Britta Steinbrenner has raised $27,303, and spent $17,149.99.  She has neither no loans nor debt, and cash on hand of $14,653.

Matthew Rodriguez has raised $85,058, and spent $73,573.  He has no loans, but has $3,097 in outstanding debt, leaving him with $12,406. 

Eli Vera has raised $145,095, and spent $36,392. He loaned himself $400, and has debt totaling $8,563, leaving him with $107,903.

Next reporting period will end March 30th.


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