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Lynwood Unified Employees’ Salaries Need To Rise With Inflation!

SOUTH OF THE 10 - Dear 2UrbanGirls, Can you please publish my letter with the hopes that Lynwood Unified board members will read it?

Dear Superintendent and School Board members,

As you all know, the time has come for an honest dialogue, regarding financial compensation for your loyal and hard-working classified employees. We wish to make a humble request of a one-time bonus of 10%, to cover the time and energy that we devoted to the school district, in order to diligently serve the teachers, staff, students, and parents of the Lynwood community. Despite the great perils that we faced, from an unexpected global pandemic; which ravaged our community, and the consequent necessity of having to work onsite-often times coming into contact with hundreds of users a month; we chose to continue working in the office, while others had the option to work from home. Yet we did not make any demands from the district, but did it purely out of a heartfelt desire to serve others. And we continue to do so.

However, as you now also know, times have changed. And financial circumstances have caused us to reexamine our work and our efforts. For now, we face a national crisis called INFLATION.

This inflation, which you are all aware of, has cause the prices of commodities, rents and mortgages, food, oil, transportation, and even consumer electronics, to rise in price by many numbers. (e.g. The price of gasoline has increased almost 40% since this time last year). Therefore we also seek a reprieve from these economic disparities and hardships. We wish to request a 6% increase in hourly pay, and also to add a 6th step to the pay scale.

It is our hope that this slight salary increase can alleviate some of the pressure we face as we continue to feed our children and provide shelter for them. Truly this is our biggest concern. The stability of our households, and our ability to escape debt, which has risen during these unstable times.

It is our hope that the generosity that the Superintendent and School Board has shown in the past, will again appear during these perilous times. Please do not disappoint us. We give you all the benefit of the doubt, and trust that you have our best interests at heart.

Your loyal and loving classified employees.

Thanks in advance,

Concerned parent/employee


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