NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--When Inglewood's city council approved a $100-million waste-collection contract in 2012, the job went not to the low bidder but to another company with higher fees — and a link to Mayor James Butts Jr. 

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS---This February and March, the City Clerk is holding workshops across the City to discuss and learn about Neighborhood Council elections.

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Making Los Angeles a more walkable city is one of my top priorities. That's why I'm thrilled to announce that we are about to dedicate several new pedestrian safety improvements throughout the 13th District! (Photo above: LA Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell pushing for a walkable city.) Here’s a recap of what to expect in the coming weeks:

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Television City, the large studio complex at the corner of Beverly and Fairfax, was the West Coast headquarters of the CBS network for more than five decades. Some of the most iconic television shows originated there, from “The Jack Benny Program” to “The Price Is Right.” The sight of its signature red awning is etched on the minds of many viewers of a certain age, as is the voice-over that began so many of the shows once filmed there: “From Television City in Hollywood.…”

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--When I first moved to Pedro in 1973, there was a lying crook in the White House, massive demonstrations in the streets of America and an unpopular war in a distant land. The wisdom of pursuing that war and its most infamous alibi that “we had to destroy the village to save the town” was as arrogant and stupid then as it is now. Not much has changed except the players in this rather dark Shakespearean drama and the village this time is our own. Back to square one, it seems. The past is our future. 

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--In reading the article about the Venice NC and the issues with DONE, I remind the public that the bigger issue is the cost to taxpayers when a department acts recklessly violating ordinances, commission policy and more.   

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--The new owners wasted little time. Soon after completing their purchase of a dilapidated set of apartment buildings in South Los Angeles, they greeted their 70-some tenants with a message: Get out, and do it two weeks before Christmas.

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