Another Serious Threat to Sherman Oaks

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--In May, the LA City Planning Commission recommended approval of new Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive Program Guidelines.

These guidelines allow denser development in areas with rapid transit service. This is a laudable concept based on good intentions – benefiting low-income residents who will be able to more affordably live near rapid transit.

But, there are serious negative impacts. In Sherman Oaks, the guidelines allow higher density, more height, less open space, and less required parking along Ventura Boulevard from Firmament to Hazeltine.

The guidelines were pushed through the system with minimal public input. SOHA’s letter (Click Here to read) authored by Bob Anderson to Councilman Ryu and the Planning Department recommended the City Council place a hold on the guidelines until their negative impacts could be better explained to the public.  

Instead, the Planning Commission not only approved the guidelines, but noted that they felt the guidelines still don’t do enough to force people out of their cars. Again, that is a laudable concept – if we had viable rapid transit. But, we don’t and won’t for twenty years or more.

SOHA is watching and waiting for these projects to materialize – so we can minimize their impacts on our community.


(This commentary provided by Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assn.)