Inglewood’s Parking and Traffic Commission had No Input on Citywide Parking Permit Program

SOUTH OF THE 10 - Residents continue to fume about the citywide parking permit program, which was implemented to address parking and traffic related issues, which the City is scheduled to begin enforcing October 1.

“I think the city of Inglewood is going to have to close off some side streets permanently,” said Alex Jones.

“I am in favor of the parking permit program for residents, but not as it’s currently designed, the program is flawed,” said Cynthia Oliver.  “Consider revisiting this program.  The city should have enough money coming in from the stadium to cover expenses related to administration and oversight of the program.” 

“This program should be implemented citywide, so for residents in certain zones (6 and 8) fees are imposed on us for living in close proximity to the stadium, while those in other zones incur no costs at all,” said Oliver.  “I have called my Councilman George Dotson who is non-responsive to my concerns.”

Mayor Butts provided context that many Inglewood households have up to nine cars and hoard parking spaces, while people are at work, which interferes with their neighbor’s ability to park.

“This program was put together so fast, there was no committee,” said Butts.

“The reason for the permit parking is to make there be some caution about using spaces other than your driveways and garages,” said Butts.  “In Pasadena they don’t allow overnight parking in residential neighborhoods, and there’s a reason for that. One, you know who’s in your neighborhood, and public streets are not free parking structures.”

Councilman Eloy Morales also chimed in on the need for the parking permit program.

“I can add to the fact that addressing the parking concerns is different throughout the city, and while some think the program isn’t perfect, I have received over 40 calls in support of it, and only 2 not in favor of it,” said Morales.

The resident then asked if there is a committee/commission she can serve on to assist with gathering citizen input to help tweak the program.

“We do have a committee, and I know you are interested in serving on it,” said Morales, but he was abruptly cut off by the mayor.

“This program was put together so fast, there was no committee,” said Butts.

She then asked again to be put on the committee and was rejected.

Parking and Traffic Commissioners

Charles Braggs, District 1
Leonel Garcia, District 2
Brett C.S. Roberts, MBA, District 3
Barbara Brooks, District 4
Michael Benbow, City at Large Chairperson

The city’s Parking and Traffic Commission hasn’t held a meeting since 2019, and the city has known about the NFL coming since they approved the project in February 2015.

The mayor explained the city was built at a time when households had at maximum one car, and now they have 9x as many.

By the mayor’s own logic, there is no feasible way the City should be comparing traffic in the city from the 80s to present day times.

Hollywood Park Racetrack wasn’t operating, at the same time as the Forum.  When the Forum opened for either Lakers or Kings games, the overflow parking was at the Racetrack.  Those parking spaces are now gone.

With the number of residents increasing, which is forcing zoning changes to accommodate more housing, that naturally brings in more cars, which the city is NOT prepared to handle.

It is evident by comments on social media, and residents’ complaints about traffic immediately surrounding the Forum and SoFi Stadium.

This reality is the crux of the upcoming election, to raise taxes to fund the construction and operation of an automated people mover, to “ease traffic” is crucial in addressing the resident’s concerns.

The route extends from Florence and Market Street, and will run along Manchester with a maintenance yard planned on the property where Vons is, and roll down Prairie.

The unintended consequence is the loss of more small businesses located along the transit connector route.  The locations will be used as stops for people to connect to the Forum, SoFi Stadium, and the Clippers Arena from the Crenshaw/LAX line.

Bourbon Street Fish has already closed permanently.  It’s located at a designated stop at Prairie and Pincay.

Lee’s Caribbean Restaurant, Sweet Red Peach, and Casa Rios will be impacted, and most likely shut down, should the Valdry family decide to sell the shopping center, due to a planned stop at Prairie and Hardy.

Think we are making this up?  Look at the map!

Proposed route for the automated people mover. (Source: envisioninglewood.org)

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