Budget Day: An Opportunity for You to Speak Out on City Spending

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS-Here’s a question: What does our City government do for you? 

First and foremost, we look to government for public safety; in Los Angeles, the City’s obligation is to prevent harm to people and damage to property with the police arresting the bad guys, while the fire department containing both building and brush fires, as well as providing paramedic response in emergencies. 

Living in a big city, we are dependent on the City’s infrastructure for water, power, sewage disposal and garbage removal. 

There is also road and sidewalk repair, transportation and housing, land use, oversight of the budget, economic development, IT systems, library, personnel, pensions, sanitation, street lighting, recreation and parks, not to mention legal and ethical considerations. 

Many of these are under the purview of individual City departments which often have too small a budget to provide the services Angelenos want. 

The City Attorney needs to fight lawsuits to ensure money we need for services is not unnecessarily paid out in spurious settlements. 

The Ethics Commission should be empowered with the staff and robust funding it needs to ensure it has the tools to effectively execute its mandate. The same applies to the LAPD’s process to address, punish and fire officers who use excessive force, are sexual predators or lie outright. 

Many people already know that health, food, and education are chiefly the responsibility of the County, State and Federal governments and their budgets. 

This Saturday, come to Budget Day and learn about how the City formulates and allocates its budget of over $11 billion to pay for everything else. 

What’s important? What’s not? 

What is the City supposed to do? 

What do you want it to do? 

What do the choices made by the Mayor and City Council say about the City’s values? And since we elected them, our values? 

The above questions will be addressed in whole or in part at Budget Day on August 21. 

Register here to come and learn more about how your City’s government operates. 

Then stay for one of the regional breakout sessions to tell the Budget Advocates and the City what is needed and add your ideas on how to help shape our future.


The Budget Advocates are an elected, all volunteer, independent advisory body charged with making constructive recommendations on the City's budget to the Mayor and City Council and inspiring City Departments to improve their operations. Budget Advocates engage with Neighborhood Councils across the City and solicit board member and stakeholder input on City services, inform Angelenos on the City's fiscal management and report on the City's progress.