Top 5 Summer Tips for Youthful Skin

WELLNESS-With summer well underway, it’s not too late to make positive changes to your daily routine in order to promote healthier and younger looking skin. The skin is our largest organ and everything that we put inside our body and topically, affects it for better or worse. 


The skin doesn’t lie. If we pay close attention, we can get a clear idea of what is going on from the inside. 

Here are some of my top summer picks that will impact your skin for the better! 

  • KRILL OIL – Krill are tiny crustaceans that live deep in the ocean. The ones from the Antarctic are best because they are mostly free of toxins and chemicals. They are packed with a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin which helps to lower your risk of sunburn and works to reduce sun and age spots. Krill also has loads of Omega 3 oils which reduce inflammation and soothe fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Take 1000mg of Krill oil capsules everyday, eat sardines, wild-caught salmon, flax and chia seeds.  
  • COCONUT OIL – Coconut is everywhere and for good reason. It is one of the world’s most potent superfoods! It contains Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids which literally soothe your skin from the inside out. Coconut also has anti-fungal effects so it may soothe skin rashes including psoriasis and excema. Use Coconut Oil topically as a moisturizer and put 2-3 Tbsp in your smoothie, with your eggs, or spread it on toast instead of butter. 
  • ASHWAGANDA & TURMERIC – These two herbs have been used for thousands of years in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition. They are known to reduce inflammation in the body which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. They also reduce stress and lead to a deeper, more restful sleep. We all know how much better we look after a great night’s sleep right? Topically, Ashwaganda can be used as a facial mask along with raw honey, and coconut oil to help alleviate acne and rosacea. Supplement 1-3 grams per day in capsule form. 
  • KOMBUCHA TEA – Why not sip on iced Kombucha Tea this summer instead of regular black tea? This fermented product is a powerful probiotic which helps to create healthy bacteria in our gut. Our gut is often referred to as our second brain and everything that happens there affects our entire system including the skin. Kombucha reduces inflammation, which helps to promote more beautiful skin, and may lower the risk of rashes and other skin imperfections.
  • BRAZIL NUTS – All nuts and seeds are great for our skin but Brazil nuts are packed with the antioxidant mineral called Selenium which fights free radical damage and may lower the risk of sunburn. Brazil Nuts also contain Essential Fatty Acids which literally moisturize our skin from the inside out. One handful of Brazil Nuts gives us 10x our daily allowance of Selenium. 

Always consult with your physician before implementing any vitamin or herb regimen.


(Jay Bradley is an Anti-Aging, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert living in Los Angeles. www.JayBradleyLifestyle.com. He is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better!)