Wed, Jul

An Organic Danish Anyone?

WELLNESS--Denmark is on its way to being the first 100% organic country in the world! They are working on numerous ways to grow and market ONLY organic produce, meats, and more. 

While I am a proud Canadian who loves the United States, it certainly makes me appreciate my Danish roots. Europe as a whole has always struck me as a region that really has it together when it comes to environmental protection and putting their residents first in terms of health and wellness. 

According to an article written in Organic Vegan Earth Denmark is well on its way to its goal of being 100% organic by the year 2020. The Danish Government announced that it will convert the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming, making it the first country in the world to do so.   

Their focus will also be to increase the amount of organic foods served at both nursery schools and hospitals, two places that need it the most! 

We have all known the benefits of going organic for decades but now it is crystal clear that choosing organic has positive health benefits and also promotes a cleaner environment for all of us to live in. 

My hope is that the rest of the world will quickly catch on.

(CityWatch contributor Jay Bradley is an anti-aging, wellness, and lifestyle expert living in Los Angeles. He is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better!) –cw