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Not a “Staff Pick” yet, a newly uploaded movie short on Vimeo is “Mother Earth Speaks”, which fits the description of interesting, creative and captivating. This short is available for viewing for a limited two weeks, until August 28, 2017. It is only six minutes long. Be one of the first to watch it 

“Mother Earth Speaks” is a collaboration of many brilliantly talented Angelenos bringing life and depth on the screen. It is the creation of writer and co-producer, Carolfrancis Likins who saw trash scattered among the trees and foliage while walking in Koreatown. She imagined how Mother Earth would be saddened at the carelessness of people littering. As people threw rubbish at her creation, she would scream out, “Get that out of me!” From there, the environmentally conscientious film was born. 

The main character, Rita, masterfully played by Jennifer H. Caldwell, is by default a counter-worker who abandoned her dream of becoming a schoolteacher because she did not have the money for tuition. She obliviously tosses her Styrofoam coffee cup in the bushes.  As Mother Earth calls her out on it, she realizes her negligence and becomes inspired to be a better steward of the earth as well as her own life. At the conclusion, Mother Earth, narrated by Michelle N. Grey, applauds Rita, “Thank you my child, I knew you would come through for me.” 

Besides the exceptional acting, this sweet story features poignant cinematography by Aaron Proctor and music by Milo Coello. With that said, it was a zero budget movie which is common on Vimeo where artists are willing to get their work in front of a professional audience. Vimeo has a viewership of 10% of Youtube, or 100 million in comparison to Youtube’s 1 billion regular viewers catering to a general public. 

Vimeo viewers’ comments are especially valuable. Coming from fellow professionals, they evoke thoughtfulness about specific details relating to actors, story content, music and cinematography. It is really refreshing to have the encouragement of your peers. For a filmmaker, what a great place to test your craft and receive honest feedback! For a movie buff, Vimeo provides engaging and reflective entertainment.  



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MOTHER EARTH SPEAKS – Film Release on Vimeo August 15-28, 2017

Watch it.  

Credits:   Writer and Director – Carolfrancis Likins

Producers – Jennifer H. Caldwell, Carolfrancis, Aaron Proctor

Rita – Jennifer H. Caldwell

Mother Earth – Michelle N. Grey

Cinematographer and Editor – Aaron Proctor

Composer – Milo Coello



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