$5 CITYWATCH DISCOUNT!! ‘Robot Monster, the Musical’ at Hollywood Fringe

DEALS & DISCOUNTS--It has been said that “Robot Monster, the Musical” is the best musical of 2017! It might be if you have a great sense of humor, love of sci-fi, music, dancing, romance, adorable children, and a gorilla monster robot! That’s right, a gorilla monster robot from another planet. Just in case you did not see the original cult B- movie from 1953, here is your opportunity to see a live theatrical re-make that is now a musical.

The story line is simple. There are only six people left on earth after the human race has been eradicated. Among them is a mother with her three children, the professor, and his handsome assistant who are trying to save the world from total extinction. Ro-man XJ2, the space robot monster who looks a lot like a gorilla with a diving helmet, is commissioned with the task of killing them. He takes his orders from the supreme leader, “Great Guidance” from another planet communicating via electronic transmitters. GG, angry that Ro-man has been apprehensive about killing off the humans, hurls insults at Ro-Man’s fragile ego causing angst and self-doubt. I won’t ruin the fun by telling the ending, but keep in mind the original 1953 classic movie was ranked in the list of worst movies ever in history. Regardless, I loved the musical! 

It is a funny, campy feel-good with an outstanding cast. The kids will remind you of Chucky from “Rugrats” and Bart from “The Simpsons”. The lovely damsel is graceful, fierce, intelligent and brave, and also has a voice like Anna Kendricks. The professor is reminiscent of the Professor from “Gillian’s Island”, and the handsome assistant is like the dentist, Dr. Orin from “Little Shop of Horrors” (in fact, he played him at the Maverick Theatre production). They are all amazing individually and collectively, with great acting, dancing and harmonizing together. To my amazement, the preview performance on Sunday, June 4, was only their second run through and it was really good. 

I have to mention the special effects, such as the stop motion dinosaurs, strobe lighting, bubble machine and old b/w film clips. All part of the charm and very much in character of the original movie. 

The 16 tunes and live accompaniment were melodic and catchy. I walked away humming, “If you were a man, like a man, would I treat you like a man, like a man” until it was stuck in my head for the next three days. The audience loved the song, “Don’t be a pooped out pinwheel,” and clapped along. My favorite number was the finale with clever, thought-provoking lyrics:

“Life isn’t always what we expect

We fight and we drift and we float

Who has the secret?

No man or sect

Life is thoughts playing on fading puffs of smoke” 

We thank the show’s multi-talented producer and creator, Rich Silverman, who has done it all to make this happen. Not only did Rich write the script and the lyrics to the 16 songs, but he is also the creator and producer. Taking inspiration from the original “Robot Monster” the movie, to raising funds, to comprising a cast, and executing his vision, “Robot Monster, the Musical” was born. Maybe Rich was drawn to the central figure, the space gorilla, who is both conflicted and conflicting and clearly should not have been chosen for this mission. You can make your own social and political connections for this life lesson, and as he says, “This rather abrupt awakening leads him to question his own needs versus those of this home world, an unresolvable conflict that leads, ultimately, to his doom.” 

Go see the play, it is great fun, charming and witty, and as you can see, introspective as well. Decide for yourself, would you call “Robot Monster, the Musical”, the greatest musical of 2017? 

Don’t forget the “citywatchla” discount, see below. 


Four show times:

Saturday, 6/10 at 8pm

Thursday 6/15 at 5pm

Sunday, 6/18 at 1:30pm

Friday, 6/23 at 11pm  


Sacred Fools’ Theatre, 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles 90038 


Tickets will sell out, so get yours soon. They cost $15 and may be purchased online at www.robotmonstermusical.com, or directly to the ticket sales link, or by phone at (323) 455-4585. 

Discounts: Rich has offered Citywatch readers a $5 discount with the code of “citywatchla”. You can use it for the show, “Robot Monster, the Musical”, or any of the 360 other productions at the Fringe Festival. What a deal!!  

Expect a great show! Watch a preview   




Credits -

Writer and Producer: Rich Silverman

Director: Derek Long

Cast: Chavez, Dan De Ruyck, Don Margolin, Jamie Miller, Val Peterson, Stephanie Thomas, and Andrew Villarreal.

Production: Lighting design-Brandon Baruch, Video design-Corwin Evans, Arrangements and Music producer-Paul Frederick, Assistant director-Pam Paulson, Choreographer-Madeleine Dahm. 


The Fringe Festival is a really big deal and worth looking into. There will be 360 theatrical productions playing at 30 different venues mostly located in Hollywood’s theatre row during June 8 through 25. All venues are spaces of less than 100 seats. Most productions are original with many different formats comedy, cabaret and variety, dance and physical theatre, ensemble theatre, event and workshops, immersive theatre, musical and operas as well as solo performances. Check it out online the festival. http://www.hollywoodfringe.org 

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