"As God Is My Witness" - Christians Are Hungry for Gays, Women, & Books

ABE WON’T BE SILENT - Do you ask yourself, “What in the actual fuck is going on in this country?” Do you feel you are slowly going crazy because nothing makes sense anymore? You are not alone. And now you can understand why the newest word in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is ‘gaslighting.’ We are being gaslit by the GOP because their brilliant goal is to distract us from organizing like the people in Israel, France, Peru, and England. It is also why they are so desperately trying to ban TikTok. Say what you will about how silly it is, but we had a huge impact on the 2020, 2021, and 2022 elections, not to mention the redo run-off in Georgia that secured the senate for the Democrats.

We are living in Bizarro World! Come on, Madge the Vadge, holding the gavel in Congress after our reigning queen Nancy Pelosi? On International Women’s Day, no less? That put a stink on that day, for sure. We see the tragedy of the January 6th attack on our democracy by a bunch of deplorable losers being touted as just a little tourist visit…again? This time by a squeaky-voiced pansy, to boot? Ignoring that countless idiots have pled guilty to federal crimes and are in jail for said crimes. Yet, so far, no accountability for that Gross Baboon? I can’t. And I am sure neither can’t you.

Don’t even get me started on what’s happening with the LGBTQIA+ community across our once-upon-a-time great land. Drag queens are no longer allowed to shimmy and twerk in Tennessee? Trans children can be ripped away from their parents? Gay students were arrested in Florida for peacefully protesting against Meatball Ron’s urine-soaked fascistic policies. There is no end in sight on the immediate horizon. Long term, these homophobic, closet-case GOP will rue the day.

How dare these psychotic evangelicals even suggest that women be considered for the death penalty for having an abortion? Vaginas, in general, have become the big conversation piece since the perverted Supreme Court has perverted our justice system. Women have to sue because they would prefer not to die in the light of the Texas abortion ban. Speaking of which, book banning? The list of what these prudes don’t want their precious little goyishe brats getting exposed to is infuriating. The Diary of Anne Frank is a friggen teaching moment. The rage I feel toward the Christian Nationalists will end up with them being treated like the Jews circa any of the centuries where they were persecuted. Pick your favorite. If worse comes to worst, I will settle for them being treated like the people they enslaved for centuries. It’s the least we can do.

This is the legacy that Trump blighted on America from his administration of hate. If these white supremacists want to compete on who can hate who more…I am gonna win. With all their talk of war, they will watch how all the groups of people they are attacking will galvanize for the great showdown. It’s embarrassing the way they go after gays and trans people. Especially when we see how many Christian clergymen and elected officials are accused and convicted of rape, sodomy, and other gayish acts of violence. And shame on these whiny, Christian, alpha males who can’t get dates and have retreated to their parent’s basements to become incels. Hence, the attacks on women have become the only way they can prove their wanna-be manliness. I’m talking to you, Nick Adams, and Andrew Tate fans!

I’ll stop here because the fumes coming from the top of my head are hazing up my screen. But I will leave you with this: God wants nothing to do with these people. They want something to do with him. And the way they are comporting themselves, the last place these self-described Christian Conservatives will ever see is heaven. Not when they are so busy creating an overheated living hell here on Earth.


(ABE GURKO is the executive producer of a documentary “Won’t Be Silent,” about the extraordinary Women of Protest Music. He's an Opinionator who hosts a podcast, "Conversations From the Edge of Democracy," that discusses the current state of our fragile political landscape. Abe is a contributor to CityWatchLA.com[email protected].  Abe’s opinions are his own and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com)

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