How Nancy Pelosi and Wokers Will Turn Congress Deep Red

THE VIEW FROM HERE - Everyone is fond of quoting Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

Yet, that is precisely what the Dems do in allowing Pelosi to run again in November 2020 and pushing the anti-white (and anti-black) Woker agenda. 

You Cannot Run Against Someone Who Is Not up for Election 

After the Dems’ 2019 fiascos during a few weathervane elections, where they tried to run against Donald Trump who was not on the ticket, the Dems are doubling down on their error for November 2020.  Not only do the Dems believe that they can make Trump the issue when he is not running, but even worse the Dems have guaranteed a GOP take over of the House and probably the Senate by allowing Nancy Pelosi to run.  If Biden had the clout to force Pelosi to not run, then the GOP Congressional candidates would have been running against a fiction – that Pelosi could become Speaker of the House in 2023.  

Pelosi is more hated than Trump. While she may control the purse strings for Dems, she has no wide support among Dem voters in the nation as a whole. To the contrary, Pelosi, her racist Identity Politics, and Wokerism are why many Dems will vote from the GOP candidates.   It is likely that no GOP voters in Middle America will vote for the Dem candidate in their district as stopping Pelosi will be Priority #1. 

“A new poll from NBC News found that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most unpopular high-profile politicians in the United States, with higher unfavorable ratings than former President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.”  August 23, 2021, SFGATE, Nancy Pelosi Is More Unpopular than Donald Trump, Poll Finds, by Eric Ting

Although Pelosi’s Identity Politics laid the current foundation for the racist Wokers, she is not loved by the Far Left.   Nov 18, 2021, YouTube, This Is Why People HATE Nancy Pelosi & Democrats   

How Voters Feel about Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker  

In February 2022, sixty (60%) of all voters, GOP, Dem, Independents, thought that Pelosi should step aside as House Speaker. Sixty-three (63%) of Independents and eighty-seven (87%) of GOP thought she should not even run.  As a result, in Nov 2022 all Dem candidates will nationally be tied to “the most unpopular politician in the country,” harking back to the party’s successful ‘Fire Pelosi’ campaign from the 2010 midterm elections.”    Feb 2, 2022,  Morning Consult, Most Voters Want Pelosi to Leave Leadership, but the Bulk of Democrats Still Back Her, by Eli Yokley. 

Let’s remember that Pelosi’ divisive anti-White Identity Politics along with Obama’s-Geithner’s regressive pro Wall Street economics brought the Tea Baggers to power in Congress.  After twenty-two years of Pelosism helping to elect the most extreme GOP, the Dems allow her to run yet again.  “Insanity is . . . “  

The All Around Racism of Wokers 

While Wokers, especially a screed like The 1619 Project, are anti-White, they are also intrinsically anti-Black.  Wokers reject The We Shall Overcome approach of MLK’s civil rights movement, but instead posit that the Blacks are hapless victims who are too weak to overcome.  Thus, slavery reparations become necessary. It even takes the bizarre form of trying to limit the number of meritorious Asian students who may be admitted to elite schools.  Being True Believers, Wokers see themselves as the sole possessors of the truth; hence, they refuse to admit any flaws in their approach. 

While the Alt Left Wokers and the Alt Right White Supremacists have much in common in their rigid adherence to their ideologies, there is a significant difference when it comes to the Nov 2022 elections. 

The Alt Left dislikes Pelosi, and hence, they are not likely to support her or her Dem colleagues in Nov 2022, while the Alt Right are ardent, die hard Trumpists who vote in huge numbers.  When GOP and Dem moderates have to select between Pelosi or a GOP controlled Congress, no GOP will cross-over to support the Dems, but millions of Dems will vote GOP in Congressional elections. 

What Putin Knows 

It’s a six month long shot for Putin between May 2022 and the Nov 2022 elections, but Putin knows that the more Trumpists who are elected, the more  powerful Trump becomes.  On Nov 9, 2022, Trump’s power will escalate and GOP support for Ukraine will decline.  Putin sees Biden’s decline and he knows that the American political climate will become more like Tucker Carlson, the more Americans reject Pelosi and the Wokers.  Even today, Putin sees that the US as a whole is shunning Pelosi and Biden, while his reliable supporter, Trump, is gaining tighter control of the GOP.  The results of the US primaries will be known before Ukraine can expel the Russians.  The poorer Biden and his supporters do in the primaries, the better it is for Putin. Biden’s dilemma is that he does poorly politically when the Wokers do well and he does poorly when the GOP do well. Moderate White Dems have no motive to support a Woker Biden. 

To the extent the Dems do run more Pelosi candidates in Nov 2022, the greater the GOP take over. Wokerism is the antithesis of Centrism, which is the main reason Biden won in Nov 2020. As soon as Pelosi announced she was staying and Biden went all Woker, his decline set in.  April 26, 2022, Morning Consult, Biden’s Net Approval Rating Is Underwater in 40 States, by Eli Yokley    

There is no sane reason to believe that with Pelosi in the race and Biden being Mr. Woker, that Nov 2022 will not be worse for Dems than Nov 2010 when the Tea Baggers flooded into Congress. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])