Monthly Parking in Los Angeles Just Became Easier

Los Angeles is a massive city. It is the second largest city in the United States, with a metro area population of over 12.4 million.

Unlike some big cities around the world, LA does not have a robust rail transport system, so most residents move around in their cars. Consequently, the high population and amount of vehicles in use daily results in heavy demand for parking spaces. The available parking spaces are so limited and expensive that without adequate planning, one can find themselves in a precarious situation when driving. 

Los Angeles is also notorious for dishing out expensive fines to motorists that park illegally. Not only can the cost of the fine ruin your day, it can also put a severe dent in your finances. In the bigger picture though, LA is not all doom and gloom. It is a great city to live in. The environment is bubbly, the people are fantastic, and the weather is excellent. It also has beautiful scenery and is home to many A-list Hollywood celebrities. However, parking can be quite a challenge..

It is in everyone's best interest to know the dos and don'ts of LA parking and make proper plans to park your vehicle before hitting the road. If not, some hefty fines might be heading your way. The parking situation is so outrageous that LA has had a permanent spot on the list of cities with the highest parking expenses in the US in recent years. To stay ahead of the situation, it will be best if motorists pay for monthly parking in Los Angeles so they do not have to worry about where to park their cars for a long time.

WhereiPark helps people book their monthly parking in LA. While on the platform, you can search for the available parking option close to you and book them for a whole month for as low as $60. The prices vary by location and can be as high as $300 in densely populated districts. To ensure monthly parking spots in LA are available for everyone, WhereiPark regularly adds more locations to their list as their coverage in the city increases.

Is Los Angeles Monthly Parking Necessary?

Monthly parking is necessary if you live in LA, own a car, and move around a lot. Some people use street parking, but that has its downsides. Here are some reasons why booking monthly parking is beneficial:

  1. It avoids parking fines

LA parking tickets can be a pain, and leaving your vehicle in a booked monthly parking spot avoids it. Some locations have parking time limits, and exceeding this time even by a little bit can attract a fine you did not plan for. The short-term solution of moving your car to different spots to avoid the tickets can be frustrating and inconvenient. Booking monthly parking instead is a longer-term solution.

  1. Street parking is not as safe

Parking your car and coming back to meet it untouched is not too much to ask for. However, street parking cannot guarantee that safety. It is not unusual for thieves to smash the window of a car parked on the street to steal valuables. Worse still, car thieves can make away with your vehicle, which is much more expensive than any monthly parking fee in Los Angeles. Booking monthly parking gives you the opportunity to pick a location you know is secure, instead of parking in random places every time.

  1. It saves time

Driving around the block near your home or workplace to find a good spot to park your car can be time-consuming. If you have an appointment at the office, that is enough to delay you. Having a booked parking spot makes things easy, as it saves you time and lets you stick to your day's schedule. 

  1. It is convenient

Imagine how frustrating waking up earlier than you would like to secure a good parking spot at the office is. With WhereiPark, that will not be a concern since your booked parking spot will be available and waiting for you to occupy it. The booking is also made online, and the process takes little time.

Should You Use the Free Parking Spots in LA?

It would help if you were very cautious when using LA free parking as they can sometimes be parking ticket traps. It would be wise to avoid free street parking unless you are making a quick stop in the city. If you must use the free parking, look for the sign indicating the time limit. You should also double-check to see if there are any restrictions in place that prevent you from legally parking in that spot. If not, you might park and come back to meet an expensive ticket sitting on your windshield. Check here for some parking hacks that can help.

In most popular LA districts like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Groove, you can get free street parking for two hours, but anything after that will cost you significantly. However, the high car ownership in Los Angeles might stop you from finding a free spot to park your vehicle. Besides, finding free parking near the hotspots in LA is almost impossible. Most of the parking lots will demand that you pay money before you can park your car there.  

All these also apply if you are coming from out of town, especially if you plan to stay for a while. If you stay at an LA hotel, there is a high chance that your hotel room will not come with free parking. WhereiPark can help you book an excellent monthly parking spot in advance. Once you identify the hotel you will be staying at, search for that location on WhereiPark, and select a parking spot that works for you. In most cases, this will save you a lot of money and help you manage your budget because the hotel's daily parking rates will likely be more expensive.

The savings from getting your parking spot from WhereiPark are not a few cents here and there. You can save around $20 or more daily, depending on the hotel you will be staying at. When you pull up to your hotel, you can temporarily park your car on the premises, unload your belongings in the lobby, then drive to your booked monthly parking spot. 

How do I Book Monthly Parking Spots in LA?

Firstly, visit whereipark.com and enter the Los Angeles address you want a parking spot close to in the search bar. The search result will be an interactive map with several markers indicating where long term parking in Los Angeles is available. The price for the monthly parking spots will be written boldly on the markers so you can easily browse through them. If you click on any listing, you will get more details about it, so it will be easier to pick the one that best suits you.

When you find the perfect spot, click the booking link. The process will require you to create an account on the site and login with your credentials. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the information required. Ensure you input your vehicle details and payment information accurately. Lastly, select a date to start your booking and confirm your selection. Once the parking spot owner confirms your booking, you will get all the instructions you need to gain access to the lot.

Following these steps will save you from the rampant parking problem in LA. If you decide to operate without long-term parking, you might be setting yourself up for all the hassle mentioned earlier. Besides, picking up a fine for overstaying in a free parking slot might negate any money you were trying to save by abstaining from a monthly parking booking. The average Los Angeles parking ticket costs $68, and drivers receive an average of 1.05 tickets yearly, according to LADOT. This is way ahead of what drivers in other parts of the United States pay, which is an average of $12 per year. The only exception is New York City, where the average yearly parking fine per driver costs $85. Parking fines have become a lucrative revenue source for the city.

Whichever way you look at it, parking in LA is expensive. Residents depend too much on cars, and that attitude will not change overnight. Over the years, there have been some initiatives to tackle the parking problem. Some of them are adopting ride-sharing services like Uber, expanding Metro, and using bikes to cover short distances. Unfortunately, these have not put a considerable dent in the problem. Since the parking issue is a staple problem, embracing a platform that makes the burden easier to bear is best. WhereiPark is that platform. 


Motorists in Los Angeles will always have to deal with the parking issues that come with a car. However, they can make life easier for themselves by booking monthly parking on WhereiPark. The website is straightforward and allows LA residents to find suitable parking locations quickly. The monthly booking fee is affordable when you factor in the stress and time you will save in the long run by using the service.