Nancy Pelosi is the Most Dangerous Person on the Planet 

THE VIEW FROM HERE - When 30% of GOP cannot admit that Trump is a mentally ill and 30% of Dems cannot see how Nancy Pelosi keeps Americans divided, we have a nation which cannot long survive. 

Between Trump and Pelosi, however, Pelosi is the greater danger because Pelosi is the reason that Trump is politically viable. The Dems are no better at seeing their fatal errors than Trumpists are at seeing their follies. 

But for Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump would not have been elected President in 2016.  Peloism led Hillary to calling Whites a “Basket of Deplorables” resulting in the loss in the Electioral College. 

But for Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s 2017 Tax Bill would have been much more reasonable. Had Pelosi let Dems vote for the bill, then they could have greatly improved it and also weaned Trump away from the extremist Freedom Causes.  But, without any Dem cooperation, GOP had to embrace the Alt Right.  December 28, 2017, CityWatch, How Pelosi’s Disinformation Helped Pass the GOP Tax Bill

But for Nancy Pelosi, the GOP and the DEM could probably have Nixonize Trump in November - December 2019. 

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But for Nancy Pelosi, The Senate GOP would have voted to convict Trump in January 2021 and he would have been politically dead. 

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But for Nancy Pelosi, the House would not have lost 13 seats in the House in the November 2020 election, leaving only a 10 vote majority. 

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But for Nancy Pelosi, the Dems would have won the Virginia Governor’s race and the New Jersey Governor’s race would not have so close. 

But for Nancy Pelosi, the basic infrastructure bill would have been law four (4) months ago. 

While the forces which made America fertile ground for Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump were not of their own making, Nancy Pelosi has capitalized upon the divisiveness in America for a far longer time than Donald Trump.  Western Civilization has embraced a polarized dichotomous world view for thousands of years.  We cannot blame Nancy Pelosi for that.  

June 21, 2018, CityWatch, The Dangers of Dichotomy: The Saved vs. The Damned 

The Declaration of Independence supplanted the group rights notion that my group is pure and your group is evil with individual inalienable rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The Declaration rejected equality as an inalienable right and it also rejected Property as inalienable right.  Equality always leads to Group Rights as politicos quickly mobilize groups of people to measure their success against that of other groups so that the individual ceases to matter.  Property could not be an inalienable right in America since slaves were consider Property and to make Property an inalienable right would be 100% contrary to each individual human being’s having the same inalienable rights as every other human being.  The signers of the Declaration and the framers of the Constitution knew of the chasm between the ideals and reality.  They were setting in motion a new system which would eventually guarantee to each human being individual inalienable rights. 

Politicos Hate Individual Inalienable Rights 

Politicos like Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are not the only people who hate individual rights.   Almost everyone who wants to lead a massive movement needs to have their group identify first and foremost with their group. The moral contrast is Martin Luther King who was not leading a group of Blacks; he was leading a civil rights movement where the immediate task was ending group discrimination against Blacks and to have Black and White live together without distinction.  MLK was rooted in the individual inalienable right of Liberty.   

At the same time MLK gaining momentum, the US Supreme Court needlessly and foolishly introduced the notion of group rights into Constitutional law with Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) which shunned ending segregation on the basis of a denial of Liberty, but rather it use the different success rates of groups, i.e. Group Rights.  According to Brown vs Bd of Ed, the only thing wrong with discriminating against Blacks as a group was that Black school children were underachieving compared to white school children. 

While President Johnson’s Great Society Program and Affirmative Action originally operated on the basis of opening the opportunity structure to each person regardless of race, creed and national origin, guidelines and timetables became code words for race based quotas. 

Perhaps, we never would have gone down the Group Rights route with such gusto without the American Political Scientists Association’s theory that America needed to have two polarized political parties and not the situation in the 1950 and early 1960s where the competing values and mores of the nation would be found in both parties.  In direct defiance of Abraham Lincoln’s A House Divided Speech, the APSA insisted that American should become nationally polarized into two warring factions. In other words, Centrist consensus politics should be killed in favor of divisiveness. 

Polarization is a Demagogue’s Dream 

No longer would Dems and GOP have to cooperate in order to slowly advance the nation.  Rather, each party could cater to its own extreme base to build a party where any ideas favored by the other party would be evil.  Because the Dems had selected the Blacks and then the fictitious group they  variously labeled the Mexicans, the Mexican Americans, Hispanics. Spanish Speaking, the Spanish Surnamed, the Latins. The Latinos, Latinx, and GOP   had no choice except to champion conservative whites.  George W. Bush vainly tried to have the GOP back away from its anti-Hispanic anti-immigrant stance, but the lure of white group rights was too great. 

Subcurrents Become Dominant 

It took decades for the Dems’ anti-white Group Rights to dominate the Dem Party as Identity Politics.  Nancy Pelosi saw that birth rates meant that the minorities would be the majority of voters within the next several decades and her plan was to gather as many different minority groups under the Dem banner. Knowing that hate solidifies a group better than love, Pelosi’s Group Rights was not content to merely favor minorities, but Identity Politics had to vilify Whites.  Pelosi said that when the minorities were the majority of voters, there would be no MLK type harmony, but rather the minorities would exact revenge on the Whites. In brief, Pelosi’s politics posed an existential threat to Whites in general.  According the Identity Politics, aka Wokerism, all whites are complicit since every  person with light skin has somehow benefitted from the evils of slavery.  The Wokers have replaced MLK’s dream with a variation of Nikita Khrushchev’s We Shall Bury You speech. 

Biden’s centrist governance cannot survive unless Pelosi leaves. 


 (Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch. You may email him at [email protected])