The Problem with Democracy Today

POLITICS-Democrats today appear to vote irrationally and contradictory to what they claim to uphold.

Citizens have an idea of what our government should do, but when it comes to making the change that they want to see, they tend to vote in favor of someone who serves the establishment, which proves that voter behavior in many cases, is incoherent during elections. 

In the case of the special election of California's 54th Assembly District, the community was in need of an elected representative who had an established voice in government, and who would also present as the voice of the people; an elected representative with expertise and experience. Unfortunately, that is not what they will get.  

There needs to be some sort of significant distinction between economic life that incorporates the choices that directly affect the well-being of the community, and the political world, because, when it comes to voting elected representatives into office, many times people are not making rational decisions that impact their lives and livelihood. it all comes down to cause and effect, the retrospective theory of voting. So how do we resolve the problem of political ignorance? We help people become well informed; we stop looking at money in politics and start observing the candidates running for office. We look at their political supporters and how they have served the community. 

This election was all about "Cult of Personality"

" I exploit you, still you love me, I tell you one and one make three, I'm the Cult of Personality"

                                                                                                                         ~Living Color  

Remember, blind allegiance in politicians may sometimes prevent and subvert democracy  and the vote you cast just gave Mark Ridley-Thomas the possible support he needed to become mayor of the City of Los Angeles....Oh well, I guess he got what he paid for. 

Instead of saying "Stay Woke", I'll be more appropriate and say WAKE UP and start looking for candidates that seek leadership instead of career politician’s candidates. 


(Diedra M Greenaway, MS/MBA, Retired Department of Defense, Retired State of California Employee, Retired APC Union CSUN, Retired elected Official of the City of Los Angeles, TRUE PROGRESSIVE!!)