Racism Is Not the Problem

VIEW FROM HERE--The human species has the remarkable ability to believe anything no matter how ludicrous. 

We know this about ourselves since we say, “A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth” or as Mark Twain put it, “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts on its shoes.”  I won’t bother to recount all the absurdities which the current GOP spouts except to deride the notion of Jewish space lasers starting California wildfires.  We have far more dangerous foolishness tearing apart our society.

What is Racism?

Martin Luther King summed up racism when he said that each person should be judged by character and not by skin color.  By “skin color” he meant any ascriptive characteristic like religion, race, ethnicity, etc.  Democrats have rejected MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech which ends with “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” in favor of the spurious Equality.  With Equality, the individual’s character becomes irrelevant.  Paramount is the group to which the person is assigned.  Hence, the Dems have Identity Politics and the GOP have the Confederate flag waving KKK and small “n” nazis.

As MLK would explain, Freedom/Liberty is an individual inalienable right where each person’s dignity is the core of our national morality.  The Dems, however, have copied a page from the white supremacy play book, but for the Dems, whites are the villains.  Under Dem Woker race theory, all people with light skin hue do not merit anything as it is all the result of the labor of Black slaves.  Jews who came to this nation in their greatest numbers decades after slavery had been abolished have trouble seeing how they are responsible for slavery’s injustices. More foolish yet is holding Armenians accountable.

The GOP white supremacists and the Dem Wokers both reject the founding American philosophy that each individual has inalienable rights.  Instead, each party caters to its aggrieved groups. The GOP promotes fear of N-words and immigrants, while Woker Dems attack Jews and the D-words.  Unfortunately, for Hillary Clinton and the rest of the world, the Deplorables got really pissed off in November 2016 and voted for a madman in retaliation.  At least Trump was smart enough not to call Black voters the N-word.  The Dems, however, believe so deeply in their anti-White racism, that they see nothing wrong with ignoring the suffering of the Rust Belt whites. For the Dem Party, they were not individuals, but Dispensables in Obama’s subservience to Wall Street predatory abuses.

Predatory and Punitive – America’s Modus Operandi

The aspect which we overlook in these group rights battles of “My group is more aggrieved than your group” is the fact that racism is not the problem.  It does not matter how much the California Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye may dislike Jews as long as she does not abuse her power and allow judges to base their decisions on anti-Jewish bias.  She has had more than five years to repudiate her position, but she had not.  It is not her racism that matters, but her predatory behavior.

It was not Det. Mark Fuhrman’s anti-Black racism which mattered, but his perjury (and his glove placement).  Worse yet, Marcia Clark had to know Mark Fuhrman committed perjury. Her failure to act was unethical but in line with the way the DA habitually abuses the Constitution.  In fact, the abusive way the Los Angeles District Attorney conducted the OJ Trial is why the jury had no choice to acquit OJ.  In acquitting OJ, the jurors were rejecting the DA’s dishonesty.  For all we know, Marcia Clark may be the least racist person in the world, but the OJ prosecution was a vile abuse of power for which no one was held accountable. Instead, they scapegoated Det. Fuhrman who later told the truth, “All true cops lie, cheat and set people up.”  Nonetheless, Los Angeles prosecutors continued their viciously abusive ways against virtually everyone.  No one heeded what Fuhrman told the world: the LA DA convicts people on the basis of false testimony and manufactured evidence. 

If LA judicial system were not a vulturine environment, Mark Fuhrman would not have committed perjury.  If the courts operated on the basis of “Truth, Justice and the American way” rather than by victimizing the weak, we would not have tens of thousands of poor people railroaded into prison. (Nor, would we have a woker judge who seems to care only about LA’s Black homeless.)

America’s commitment to abusing the less powerful is shown in the prosecutions surrounding Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for his sadistic, slow motion murder of George Floyd.  For years, Derek Chauvin had been a serial killer in the making.  The power structure knew that he was a maligant predator.  Yet, they made him a training officer. What better way to let the entire police force know that the politicos want officers to prey on the public than to promote a Derek Chauvin?

The Power Structure Which Created this Murderous Culture Is Blaming the Trainees for Failure to Stop Chauvin! 

The trainees were the two officers who tried to intervene. One person who should be held accountable is US Sen. Amy Jean Klobuchar, who was Hennepin County attorney from 1999 until 2007. She declined to prosecute Derck Chauvin for prior abusive behavior.  How many cases did she prosecute where Chauvin was the arresting officer? Right now the Hennepin County power structure is turning its power against the  Minnesota Police Department’s two trainees who played zero role in making the MPD into a punitive, predatory, murderous organization. Meanwhile, the Hennepin power structure does nothing to those who created this nightmare of a police department.  Predators do not care whom they victimize as long as they victimize someone.

Why the Predatory Politicos Focus on Race

Misdirection is a classic ploy.  The last thing judges and politicos want attention to their role in creating America’s problems while they get rich doing it.  Rather, they play the game of Divide and Conquer.  Let’s have the Blacks hate the Whites and the Whites hate the Hispanics, the religious hate the Gays, and everyone hate the Jews. The powerful have divided America into warring factions to prevent the 99% from seeing the common enemy in the 1%.

The Predators are Doing Very Well

Kamala Harris, The Queen of the Lying Jailhouse informants, is now Vice President Harris.  After a California prosecutor not only solicited a lying jailhouse informant but then took the stand himself and committed perjury, Kamal Harris did nothing. 

After Ninth Circuit Court Judge Alex Kozinski objected to Kamala Harris’ condoning the prosecutor’s criminal behavior in the Baca case, Judge Kozinski was kicked off the bench.  Judge Kozinski, with his porcupinish personality, had a history of openly objecting to predatory behavior in the state judiciary. In January 2015, he stated that an “epidemic of misconduct” thrived in the California courts.  Harris’ behavior in the Baca case was typical.

After AG Harris took over the Scott Evans Dekraai murder case in Orange County, Harris supported the defendants being housed next to jailhouse informants to elicit truthful or fabricated “confessions.” Although Harris initiated an investigation into this type of predatory behavior by the Orange County Sheriff, her investigation was essentially a sham which strengthened the predatory abuses.

“When you do an investigation like this and it’s not done in good faith and it’s not responsibly done, members of law enforcement just become more dangerous in terms of their willingness to commit misconduct,. . . The last line of protection for the public was the attorney general’s office.” OC Public Defender Scott Sander.  After OC Judge Thomas Goethals took action over the OC DA for the Dekraai informant scandal, he was off the trial court bench. Kamala Harris went on to become Vice President.   

After Eric Garcetti’s Manhattanization mania made tens of thousands of poor Angelenos homeless due to the relentless destruction of rental controlled apartments and thousands of homeless died on LA streets, Garcetti is an inch away from being appointed Ambassador to India rather than being prosecuted for running a criminal enterprise in violation of Penal Code § 86.

We Are a Nation of Predators

Racism really has nothing to do with it. Neither Kamala Harris nor Eric Garcetti seem to be racist, but both are predators who are morally responsible for vast corruption, the railroading of people into long prison terms, or for the needless deaths of thousands.

We should not, however, blame the people whom we elevate to high office.  We knew the type people they were before we elected them. We did not care. We The People are a predatory, punitive nation which firmly believes that killing other people is a good solution to problems.  We allow madmen to buy assault rifles and gun down whomever they please.  Like alcoholics who have yet to hit bottom, someone else is always at fault.

We tolerate thugs to storm The Capitol just as we allow thugs to be judges and police officers. When the homeless die on our streets, we want their suffering hidden from public view. In our society, behaving like a thug will get your everything. Donald J. Trump is Exhibit A and Nancy Pelosi is Exhibit B.  Both are vicious thugs who pit one American against another American solely to aggrandize their own power.  We The People allow these predators to flourish because it reflects our true nature.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch. You may email him at RickLeeAbrams@Gmail.com)