Why Can’t America Make Democracy Work? Group Rights!

MY TURN--The obscene orgy of intergroup hatred is destroying the nation.  America’s history has been a relentless series of hideous group rights agitation to provide the welfare of one group above that of another group. 

The Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock in 1620 only to start with the same discrimination against another who was not a member of their group.  By 1692 Salem Village, Massachusetts, went so far as to create a new group from within its own ranks to hate, witches.

The most destructive aspect of group rights is that almost as some as some group is identified, other either project all sort of evil on to the group or members the group cast about for some other group on which to blame all their own woes and misfortunes.  The in-group with power not only uses it power to be predator abusers of the out-group, but they accuse the out-group of all sorts of subhuman behavior.  America’s prototype of group rights is slavery where in the masters as a group found their behavior all wonderfully holy and sanctioned by the Bible and even Jesus himself.  Meanwhile, their victims were alternately portrayed as childlike in need of guides or murderous thugs who would slit their masters’ throats without provocation or warning.

Into this dankness of predatory abuse and hatred came the Declaration of Independence followed by the US Constitution which absolutely and totally rejected any type of group rights.  Thomas Jefferson and the signers of the Declaration knew that it would take action and not mere lofty words to end slavery.  Yet, they placed the nation of a philosophical and moral foundation where Slavery could not continue.  The intention of end slavery was emphasized not merely by adopting the teachings of Englishman John Locke (1632-1704), but by the way Thomas Jefferson altered John Locke’s Life. Liberty and Property” to “:Life Literary and Pursuit of happiness.” Because salvers were considered property. Thomas Jefferson made certain the declaration would provide no basis to argue in favor of slavery.  Southerners such as Richard Henry Lee of Virginia signed the Declaration and they all knew that they were taking a giant step towards the abolition of slavery.

Once a population has become ingrained with certain deep patterns of thinking and interpreting the world, those ideas do not simply melt away.  Soon as the Civil War, the nation entered into the Jim Crow Era where many white people attempt to re-create as best that could the favor able group rights which the enjoyed under slavery.  (The name “Jim Crow” derives from a pre Civil War character who presented Blacks as dishonest, stupid and vulgar.  This negative stereotype of Blacks is used to this day in order to describe legal efforts to oppress Blacks.) 

As described previously in CityWatch, in 1896 in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson (No. 210) (1896) 163 U.S. 537. Justice Harlan in his dissent said the Separate by Equal doctrine was unconstitutional as a deprive on then inalienable right of liberty.  When the Separate by Equal doctrine was again challenged in Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), the Supreme Court rejected the Liberty of Blacks as human beings but instead based its decision upon Group Rights – the evil thought pattern which underlay the master slave relationship. 

The Jim Crow Era of Separate by Equal was not unconstitutional because it deprived individuals of their inalienable right of Liberty, but because sociological studies showed that Black school children did not so as well in schools without white school children. Also instrumental in bringing about the Brown decision was the work of  attorney Charles Hamilton Houston (September 3, 1895-April 22, 1950) work provided significant legal work to undermine the concept of Liberty as applied to Blacks and instead to use a group rights approach.  In addition. The Menninger Clinic which funded much fo the Brown case had sociological approach to civil rights showing the discrimination had a bad impact on Blacks. Duh they needed a study to know that discrimination harms people?)

Jumping ahead to 2021, we see group rights creating division and hatred through society.  Both the GOP and the Dems have their own groups to which they cater.  More vital than promising (but not delivering) a better life for their group, both the GOP and the Dems blame some out group. It is easier to build group solidarity, and hence a reliable voting block, by uniting one’s group in fear and hatred of another group.

We see this vicious Dems’ use of group rights division against the GOP by falsely characterizing the terrible attacks on Asians as hate crimes perpetrated by White Supremacists.  The mindless bigotry of Donald Trump certainly makes the DEM charge plausible at first, but when we look deeper, the white Supremacist charge is seen to be false.

(1) Of course, white supremacists do not like Asians. They do not like anyone including millions of white people whom they consider race traitors.

(2) white Supremacists supported Trump.

(3) The first big lie is the generalization for Trump’s China Virus and Kung fu Virus statements that most whites are anti-Asian

(4) The next big lie is that white supremacists are attacking Asians.

The perp of horror in Atlanta was not anti-Asian.  But that is not the story the dem Wokers want to hear so they simply lied about the shooter’s motives and then defamed the police office similar to how a few years earlier, the Woker media had defamed Catholic high school student. Nicholas Sandmann.

(5) the Majority of Attacks on Asians Were by Blacks and Hispanics and Not by Whites

Yesterday the news showed two incidents of Asians being attacked. In one an Asian woman is kicked in the head by a Black man and three Black security guards watched from the hotel lobby and their only action was to close the lobby door to the injured woman. In addition, there was the incident a Black man attempted to choke an Asian on the subway.  While the Stop Asian Hate is no longer using the false White Supremacy angle, the wokers are covering up the fact that most attacks are by Blacks and Hispanics.   

So far there is no indication that the attacks by Blacks and Hispanics are motivated by hatred towards Asians.  Since no one may be PC and question the woker narrative, the data is being suppressed. It seems likely however that anti-Asian hate may be a minor component.  More likely the fact that Asians tends to live closer to Blacks and Hispanics would make Asians to be more likely targets of opportunity.  The largest group of people to be the target of Black violence is other Blacks and the largest group of people to be target of White violence is Whites.  Geographical proximity is more the origin of these attacks than anti-Asian hate.

The wokers of all races, etc., however, benefit from group division since that is their political narrative.  Dems know that Asians are the highest income earning ethnicity in the US. Hence, the more the Dems can make Asians fearful and hate Whites GOP, the more money and votes the Dems hope to raise from the Asians.

If we want to stop the divisive hatreds, we need to return to the core of the Declaration of Independence: each individual has “certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.)