Politics: Love vs. Hate

GUEST WORDS--I continue to believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 Presidential election. I also think that the vast majority of the 73 million Americans who voted for him believe the same thing.

Aside from the strange goings on in major cities controlled by democrat machines the consequences of Biden’s winning without fraud would be very troubling. It would mean that hate triumphed over love and that would have profound consequences for the Republic.

The vast majority of people who support President Trump love him. I do not believe that the vote for Vice President Biden was out of love for him which means it had to do with hated for President Trump. If hated of Donald Trump was so pervasive that it swung the election to Mr. Biden, God help us because a house divided by hatred cannot stand.

Certainly, there are those in the democrat party who know what really happened with the vote. They know if this was a repeat of the Kennedy/Nixon Chicago election fraud on a much wider scale or not. I don’t expect anyone will ever admit that such a fraud took place, but someone better quickly step into the breach and try to heal this nation. What we don’t need is CNN’s International anchor Christiane Amanpour drawing a comparison to President Trump’s first 4 years in office and Kristallnacht, the November 9, 1938 attack on Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools. What we don’t need is to be called Nazi’s, racists, xenophobes or to be beaten in the streets simply because we wear a MAGA hat or waive an American Flag.

Whatever the outcome of this race the toothpaste will never fit back into the tube. Donald Trump has remade the Republican party into a working class, populist party and it will never follow the old party leaders or party line again. I have voted for democrat and republican Presidents (LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Trump) and until Donald Trump came along not one ever really kept their campaign promises. He did and has changed the party in so many ways. It is now a movement and he has shown us that we don’t have to allow the military industrial complex to goad us into endless wars, that we can buy products made in America again by a middle class that loves their country and just wants to live in peace and raise their families. In 2016 Donald Trump was an unknown. He made promises and many of us who voted for him had no idea if he would keep them or not. In 2020 he ran on promises made and promises kept. Many of us were lukewarm in our support for him in 2016 but this year most of us would have crawled across broken glass to vote for him.

If Joe Biden does become the 46th President of the United States I can only hope and pray that he will reach across the aisle to the 73 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump and not ignore us. We are a movement now; the America First Movement and we are not going anywhere.  We are not the Republican party of the Bush’s, John McCain, Mitt Romney or any current or future establishment figure. We see the swamp clearly now and finally understand that it is the enemy of freedom. We have been forged in the crucible of the Russian collusion hoax, Muller investigation, Impeachment fiasco and now the great 2020 election steal. Against all odds we have found each other, and we will never let go of the America First movement.  We have been raised from a great slumber and It would be a mistake for anyone to think we will ever forget what has happened and wander off. We will stand resolute and ready.

(Jim O’Sullivan is a former president, 19 years, of the Miracle Mile Residential Association.)