Where is the Leader of The Coven of Evil?

ONE MAN’S OPINION--Perhaps Angelenos got lucky and someone threw a bucket of water on Judge Elizabeth Lippitt and she’s melted away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Meanwhile, thieves stole the Widow M’s Social Security, and then forged her signature and made off with her county pension, and then emptied her bank account, cancelled her bank card and had her cell phone disconnected. There’s a funny thing about all these financial attacks on the Widow M.  Judge Lippitt, the person who has to be behind all this elder abuse, is MIA.   

Lippitt is no longer listed as Superior Court Judge in any courtroom and her courtroom has no judge. Try calling the department and one gets a recording with no way to leave a message.  Oh, we know that the Commission on Judicial Performance verified some time ago that Judge Lippitt may do anything she wishes whenever she wishes, but then, she disappeared. So, who’s okaying this predatory abuse of a 79 old woman who is trying to hold together her business through Covid-19?  The triad of Lippitt-Siegel-Delahoussaye seems to be implicated in all these thefts. 

The widow’s faithless Lippitt appointed attorney, Audre Delahoussaye, has not sent the widow a single document or email or explained anything to her despite the widow’s written demands. Contrary to what people believe, in Los Angeles probate court, attorneys owe their clients no duties and no explanations of anything. 

As Donald Rumsfeld might say, there are some things that you do not know but you still know them.  Jeffrey Siegel’s name appears as the new recipient on the widow’s Social Security and as the person who submitted the forgeries to get the widow’s Los Angeles County pension. He seems behind the disappearance of his bank funds. Jeffrey Siegel was selected by of the head of the coven of evil, the missing Elizabeth Lippitt. 

How Can Such Elder Abuse Continue Even after it Has Been Exposed?  

What are you going to do about it?  That’s how.  The crooks have a beautiful scam.  A corrupt judge forces an elderly person into mediation. Whatever the coven decides during mediation will be followed including the theft of the widow’s entire estate.  The illustrious Judge Paul Suzuki explained the wonders of law in Probate, “If she signed it; that’s it.”  The fact an old lady was being held captive by a gang of thieves who would not let her leave until she signed something does not matter.   

How can the courts become so vilely corrupt? Two answers: (1) Judicial immunity. It does not matter if it is criminal, if done from the bench the judge is immune. (2)  Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye.  As they say, a fish rots from the head down.  This mediation abuse is similar to her modus operandi when The Chief Justice was in Sacramento.  

Of course, the widow M did not agree to give all her property to the coven of evil, but thanks to Justices Perluss, Feuer, and Stone the widow M must remain silent. (Mozer v Augustine 2019)  The Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts must wish they had the power to engaged in their vile abuse and then deny their victims the right to speak.  Sure, they tried and they were successful for decades, but finally things changed.  Some of children lived long enough for the law to change.  Since the judges are financially raping elders, they know that their victims will die long before change arrives.  

Let’s remember that the Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye also controls the Commission on Judicial Performance which is hog wild pro-elder abuse and the State Bar who teaches prosecutors how to “lie, cheat and set people up” to use Det. Mark Fuhrman words.  A predatory judiciary will destroy a society.  The Covid-19 Pandemic is not 1/1,000 as damaging to America as judicial corruption.  No masks or social distancing will protect anyone from their avarice. To them we are not citizens with rights but prey to be devoured. 

Angelenos Are Slow to Catch on 

The Rust Belt states learned that relying on corrupt Dems leads to financial doom.  Let’s remember, political corruption cannot exist without judicial corruption. White blue collar workers used to be bedrock Dem, but they slowly realized that they were being had. During the Obama years, their jobs went overseas, they lost their homes, their kids got hooked on drugs, their life expectancy became shorter, while the 1% got richer. Then, the Dems called the white blue-collar workers the D-word, “Deplorables.”  

In self-defense, Rust Belt blue collar whites converted to GOPism.  The thing about converts is that they are gung-ho in their new beliefs. They only see the good and will not admit the bad.  They want a madman in charge because they want revenge on those who destroyed their lives. The GOP’s anti-minority racism, however, leaves us great varied Angelenos with no viable option.  GOP judges and politicos are as vicious as the Dems plus they are prejudiced against a majority of us Angelenos. 

The corrupt judiciary can keep the lid on the boiling caldron for only so long.  Name an honest LA judge. Name an honest LA politico.  There are none. Honest judges and politicos do not stand silently by and watch seniors be driven into poverty and entire neighborhoods gentrified into oblivion.  The Rust Belt Deplorables were driven to elect a lunatic. What will Angelenos do?


Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.)