Character No Longer Counts

ONE MAN’S OPINION--As slow old Joe inches closer to selecting Kamala Harris, predator extraordinary, to be his running mate, one has to wonder why he would select someone whom the Dem voters have already rejected.  

Character No Longer Counts 

The selection of Kamala Harris sends one strong but accurate message - skin color and not character counts.  While Harris is not a Sheriff Bull Connor, she is no supporter of “truth, justice and the American way.”  Rather, she is co-creator of the systemically corrupt judicial system where might makes right. 

As a former State Attorney General, Kamala Harris has some time bombs set to explode.  She’s been dubbed queens of the lying jailhouse informants, as highlighted in the Johnny Baca Case.  The Ninth Circuit Court succinctly summed up Harris’ role.  

“Judge Alex Kozinski asked [Deputy Atty. Gen. Kevin R.] Vienna if his boss, Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris, wanted to defend a conviction “obtained by lying prosecutors.” If Harris did not back off the case, Kozinski warned, the court would “name names” in a ruling that would not be “very pretty.”  Asa the chief law enforcement officer of the State of California, Kamal Harris knew that the state appellate court had sanctioned the use of lying jailhouse informants but also prosecutors who took the stand and committed perjury in order to convict a minority defendant.   

The sole and only reason Kamala Harris subsequently backed off her support for perjury to convict Johnny Baca was the threat that the Ninth Circuit would write an opinion detailing her role in the judicial corruption. Corruption had plagued California while Kamala Harris was California Attorney General. 

As the Johnny Baca hearing progressed, the three-judge panel made it explicit that California state courts had an “epidemic of misconduct.”  While it was clear that their observations applied to state judges, the federal judges focused on corrupt state prosecutors in criminal cases.  Kamala Harris had been lead prosecutor since 2011. 

Oh Wait, It Gets Worse 

Years later, Kamala Harris had done nothing to rectify the situation. Sure, she CYA’ed herself in the Baca Case after threatened with exposure, but prosecutorial and judicial corruption were still rampant. 

As California Attorney General, Kamala Harris allowed hideous conditions to prevail throughout the state.  

“The ACLU has compiled an extensive report documenting the unprecedented levels of prisoner abuse and concluding ‘The long-standing and pervasive culture of deputy hyper-violence in Los Angeles County jails — a culture apparently condoned at the highest levels — cries out for swift and thorough investigation and intervention by the federal government.’ The abuse includes rape of inmates by deputy sheriffs. In early 2012, the ACLU filed suit to prevent Baca from continuing in his position.’” Wikipedia  

On February 10, 2016, Sheriff Lee Baca pled guilty to lying to the FBI in his attempt to cover up the widespread abuse.  Notice it took the Feds to intervene even though Harris had been State AG since 2011. 

In a story which will be more fully told, retold, and told again if Slow Old Joe selects Harris, Orange County had long suffered from prosecutorial and judicial corruption.  Its crime lab was a nightmare of incompetence and falsifying of evidence and perjury.  It came to a head in the Scott Dekraai case which Kamala Harris’ Office had taken over the prosecution two years earlier 2015.  Here is what Judge Goethals said about the prosecution.

“In a decision announced [Friday, August 18, 2017] in a packed courtroom, Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals sharply rebuked both the Orange County District Attorney and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) for “chronic obstructionism” and failures to turn over evidence to his court. Those failures, he ruled, mean Dekraai cannot receive a fair jury trial to determine his sentence.”   

“‘The truth is, for whatever reason, the [Orange County Sheriff’s Department] has consistently responded to this court’s lawful orders with such indolence and obfuscation that this court had lost confidence that it can ever secure compliance from the prosecution team with those orders,’ Goethals said minutes before announcing his decision to dismiss the death penalty.”  

So Slow Old Joe wants to link himself with an intransigent predator who is undeterred in her use of corrupt unconstitutional means to advance her own career.  The Dekaari Case was high profile as Dekaari was a mass murderer headed to death row. It takes grandiose naivete to believe that Kamala Harris took over the Dekraai prosecution for any reason other than to promote her career.  Since the Dekraai Case also involved the use of a lying jail house snitch, the prosecution smacked of Harris’ modus operandi. 

Epidemic of Misconduct 

Since Kamal Harris had been San Francisco District Attorney from 2004 to 2011 when she became California Attorney General until 2017, she had been integral in the criminal justice system for over a decade. During her reign, California courts became increasing predatory and corrupt, but Kamala Harris was no opponent to the corruption. Rather, she proved to be an opportunist who was a full-on participant in a predatory racist judicial system. 

Don’t Think Kamala Harris’ Misdeeds Are Limited to Criminal Injustice 

In addition to the future exposes concerning her involvement in the multi-state prosecution resulting from the mortgage frauds from the Crash of 2008, the voters will see how Kamala Harris turned a blind eye to the corruptionism which has riddle Los Angeles.  The FBI had to investigate the LA City Council’s bribery scandal involving councilmember Jose Huizar (Dem) and Mitchell Englander (GOP).  

Why Would the Eastern Dem Establishment Think Harris is a Wise Choice? 

The sad reason is that she claims to be Black but she looks White.  Like Sarah Plain, her exterior looks appealing.  If one looks at character, however one is likely to conclude that Kamal Harris is a predatory, Pelosi Group Rights advocate who specializes in lying jail house informants to advance her career.


(Richard Lee Abrams is an attorney and lives in Los Angeles.)