After a Nation Abandons the Republic, it is Left with a Mobocracy

ONE MAN’S OPINION--Because so many Americans believe that the United States is a democracy, most scholars have given up explaining, “No, it is a Republic.” 

The Founding Fathers intentionally rejected a democracy. In the 1770's and 1780's, there had been pressure to fashion a democracy which is why Ben Franklin was asked what type of government they had framed. He replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

How can a nation keep the Republic when the voters are too uneducated to know that it is a Republic? 

You can’t.  The Republic was thrown away in November-December 2019 when Nancy Pelosi against the advice of both the liberal and the conservative law professors told her not to stop gathering the evidence to support Trump’s impeachment.    December 5, 2019, CityWatch, Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman’s Roadmap to Nancy Pelosi’s Subversion of Impeachment The US Constitution foresaw a madman becoming President and the populace’s being too addled brained to rectify the situation.  Thus, the Constitution gave the House of Representatives the sole duty to gather the evidence and the sole duty to draft the articles of impeachment. Legally, the two go hand-in-hind – the evidence gathering and the scope of the articles of impeachment. 

The prosecutors of any misconduct always have the duty to gather evidence and then to write out the charges based on that evidence.  It is ludicrous to think that any prosecutor would tell the trial court, “So what if we didn’t gather the evidence.  You step down from the bench and go out and you find the evidence sufficient to convict the defendant.”  What sort of Kafkaesque world has the trier of fact seek out the evidence?  The Constitution gave the US Senate the power to try the articles of impeachment based on the evidence with the House provided.  By refusing to gather evidence which was as plentiful as stars in a moonless sky, Pelosi abdicated the House’s constitutional duty and threw away the Republic.  Overriding the wisdom of the Funding Fathers, Pelosi chose mobocracy based on Group Rights. 

Pelosi’s personal power rests on doling out cash for elections and the Dems’ success rests on divisive Identity Politics. The Dems Identity Politics has devolved down to calling Blue Collar Whites, “Deplorables,” and infusing the party with left wing anti-Semitism.  

Now, that the Republic has been junked, we are left with the November 2020 food-fight– whose mob of Yahoos will turn out to vote in larger numbers?  Will it be Trump’s White Supremacists marching behind Stephen Miller under the Law and Order banner, which means brutalize minorities and any Whites foolish enough to associate with them. The Dems have Slow Old Joe to carry the Dems Group Rights banner. 

Trump is down in the polls right now because (1) he is a madman and (2) Slow Old Joe’s been in hiding.   Last week, Joe ventured forth to trundle over to Obama’s place, showing who has the power and who’s still second fiddle.  The Obama-Biden dialogue highlighted why Obama chose him as his running mate. He could never upstage Obama. 

How to Turn a Mistake into a Disaster 

Selecting Biden rather than someone like Mayor Bloomberg, who made the fatal miscalculation to enter the Presidential campaign late, means the comparison in Nov 2020 will between a madman and Biden’s running mate.  Even if Biden should live long enough to assume the Presidency, the practical consideration is: who will step into Biden’s shoes when he departs? 

The Dems Have Found Their Own Sarah Palin 

Although no one is supposed to mention it, the GOP were thinking with their male appendage when they thought Sarah Palin was a great idea.  Likewise, with Kamala Harris.  Unlike Palin, however, Kamala Harris is no dummy.  Rather, she is a craven opportunist who specialized in self-promotion and railroading minorities into long prison terms. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s corruption had been documented in hundreds of articles going back a decade, making him a bad choice to run against Trump when Trump’s corruption would be a major campaign theme. Kamala Harris’ corrupt avarice, however, was largely undocumented. 

When the national public must evaluate Kamala Harris more as President than a do-nothing Veep, her past will become well known.  Due to the intransigent bigotry of the California Republic Party, it is extraordinarily Kamala Harris can lose California for Biden.  Her danger for Dems’ success rests in the Rust Belt, e.g. the Deplorables.  The mid-west battle ground states may feel let down by Trump, but the prospect of Kamala Harris’ soon being President will be too frightening a thought.


(Richard Lee Abrams is an attorney and lives in Los Angeles.)