LA Could Not Be More Unfriendly to Business!

GUEST COMMENTARY--As the COVID-19 virus spreads, and our Mayor and the greedy council keep beaches and services open, the city is sending out fines to small businesses who are struggling to survive fining them $356.00 for "Illegal Banners" that are telling the locals that  the business is open. 

How is it possible that this city could be so uncaring, so callus, so ridiculous that during any given day or month, these illegal banners proliferate our streets, but now, when businesses are closing, broke, losing their life savings, this greedy city is sucking the last dollars out of the owners. 

When approached, our Mayor says "Im happy to follow up with you about that particular case. 

He is soooo out of touch, along with the city council, that they all deserve to be removed.  

Time to defund the elected officials!

(Jay Handal is a long-time neighborhood council and community activist and owns a business in Los Angeles.)