The Big Ask? Paul Krekorian, Please Define ‘Political Corruption’

VOICES-Dear Councilman Krekorian,

Can you please explain to me how selling the fire station on Coldwater for half of its worth to Weintraub -- and what Weintraub told you it was worth as opposed to the original city appraisal -- without ever going on the competitive market is not corruption?

How about discounting his bed tax by $400K or so that he had already collected from the public? Did you do that for all the hotels in the area? Did he ever pay the balance?
How about all the Harvard Westlake trustee contributions you received when a decision was upcoming by you on their project?

I would really appreciate if you could clear this up for me.

Thank you,

Patrice Berlin


(Patrice Berlin is a long-time community activist and lives in Los Angeles.)


The letter below was sent to the Councilman on July 8, 2020 after I received his newsletter on “outrageous instances of political corruption at City Hall.”   I am still waiting for a reply.