Jail vs Brown Act

GUEST COMMENTARY-Just how corrupt is the LA City government? 

Just how far does the graft, meals, wine, casinos, concerts, and hookers go? 

When will the feds pull the trigger on the rest of LA’s corrupt politicians, city staff, developers, and their expediters? 

When will the feds drain this swamp so that this city can re-organize and get back to serving the people? 

When will they pass an ordinance restricting any decision-maker from accepting any form of contribution and stopping them from voting on anything that is attached to any form of contribution? 

If all LA’s dirty politicians who might get jail time do, and they serve in the same jail, it could be a Brown Act violation ... LOL 

But seriously, it’s time to flush the downtown toilet. 

Taking 150 million from police under the guise of helping areas that need support, but just paying the furlough days so the SEIU does not take a hit, is worse that the graft they take. 

Sad part is, the politicians do not even talk a good game anymore.  

The homeless crisis is out of control, the money spent is out of control. 

The quality of life in LA has become a third-world way of living. 

Our infrastructure is crumbling.  

Look around the city council ‘horseshoe’ and replace the seats of every career politician who came from another government job with a blue recycling can. Very telling! 

Time for big changes, and it is up to the people to make that happen. 


(Jay Handal is a long-time neighborhood council and community activist and owns a business in Los Angeles.)