Did You Really Think the Death of George Floyd would Make Them Stop Killing Us?

GUEST COMMENTARY--This was the statement released on the slaying of Louisville Businessman David McAtee (photo above) by Louisville police and national guard.

"The Slaying of David McAtee, a Black Louisville businessman, is deadly proof that the police have learned absolutely nothing from the Floyd murder. They claim they returned fire from a crowd but there is no evidence that McAtee had a weapon let alone was the shooter. Yet they killed him. 

“This again is just the latest in the never-ending examples of reckless, out of control, abusive police officers having free rein to kill. 

“The failure to prosecute the officers and guardsmen who shot killed McAtee will send the ugly message again that wanton violence by police will be condoned."

(Earl Ofari Hutchinson is President Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable and an occasional CityWatch contributor.)