Trump’s Latest Idea Is More Death, Less Money

ONE MAN’S OPINION-If you think things are bad now, just wait. Americans are moving towards a second civil war. 

Trump is the result of Group Rights where he has corralled the White is Right extremists and Pelosi’s Identity Politics has done the same thing except that she has placed power in the hands anti-Semites and minority anti-White racists. Because parties let their extreme factions hold veto power over the party’s policies, neither the moderate GOP nor the moderate DEMS can cooperate with each other for the national well-being. That is why Donald Trump can favor a policy of more deaths and less money for average Americans. 

The dead are unlikely to be the billionaires. It is reasonable to ask: Are American billionaires actually American? Or are they Davosians? Davos Switzerland, the city which they flock to each year to hatch new ways to leach off everyone else, seems to be their true homeland. 

Trump opposes any more money to average Americans because he wants people to be forced back to work, knowing his proclamation of “America’s Back” will significantly increase deaths. By withholding more stimulus money from average Americans, more people will be forced back into the death factories. 

Trump Himself Is like a Pandemic Virus out of Control 

As Rex Tillerson told us, Trump is a “fucking moron.” As psychologists have known ab initio, Trump is seriously mentally ill. Who should act on that information? The mentally ill moron or the people who have the power to remove him from office? 

Let’s Close Our Eyes and it Will Go Away 

The public’s practice of closing its eyes and pretending that bad things and bad men will go away did not begin with Trump or with the GOP. It was in full force in Democratic Los Angeles. Starting in 2005, Hollywoodians Encouraging Logical Planning (HELP) and a few other Angelenos began warning that the densification of Hollywood was seriously harming the quality of life. On June 19, 2012, when Garcetti’s update to the Hollywood Community Plan came before the LA City Council, one councilmember pointed out that it was based on false and inadequate data. 

When asked whether city planning could redo the community plan and the upcoming other 30 community plans based upon accurate data, assistant planner Kevin Keller essentially said, “Yes.” 

Nonetheless, Garcetti demanded that his fatally flawed plan be adopted and so it was -- unanimously. 

In January 2014, Judge Allan Goodman rejected Garcetti’s Hollywood Community Plan in words which sound like Trump’s policies: intentionally based on fatally flawed data and wishful thinking.  Despite Judge Goodman’s ruling, Los Angeles charged full speed ahead with Garcetti’s Manhattanization, kind of like Trump’s opening America. 

Dems and GOP Both Ask Us to Deny to Reality 

Ironically, Garcetti’s honest attempts to save Los Angeles from Covid-19 by basing his actions on science and facts has intersected with both his own prior lies and myths, and with those from the White House. 

Judge Richard Fruin gave Garcetti’s corrupt regime a carte blanche to destroy poor people’s homes and to force extreme and unwanted densification upon Angelenos, which raised housing prices sky high benefitting Wall Street. Systematically, Angelenos have been fleeced by a fatally corrupt city council; any attempt to rectify the politico’s ways have been defeated by the courts. When HELP called for Garcetti’s Mobility Plan 2035 to be based on facts and reality, Judge Mitchie Beckloff ruled that the city did not need to study telecommuting or any other telecommunication innovations as alternatives to subways and fixed rail. 

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit and the schools were closed, Garcetti’s LA was woefully unprepared to home school, just as Trump was totally unprepared when the virus finally hit in April 2020. It is clear Beckloff’s main concern was not the facts, the law, or the welfare of the public, but rather to protect the billionaires’ investments in mass transit. Although labeled a doofus, Judge Beckloff knew that studying expanded and upgraded telecommunications would further threaten the hundreds of billions of dollars being dumped into mass transit projects.   

Nonetheless, 21st century telecommuting will devastate real estate values in DTLA, Bunker Hill, Century City, West LA, etc. When hordes of office workers no longer need to descend on these enormous towers, the investors’ finances will collapse. Despite the fact that the trend had been apparent for more than a decade, the 1% and their henchmen in city council and the courts were still pushing the fatally faulted myth that more density was beneficial. Fruin and Beckloff needed to conceal that densification has created the homeless crisis and the flight of Family Millennials from Los Angeles. The Millennials’ exodus has decimated LA’s future tax base. More to the point, homeless itself is a pandemic, and fewer middle-class families is a disaster for a vibrant urban area. 

But Wait – Things Are to About to Become Worse 

During the Cold War, both the West and the Soviet Union recognized the Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, i.e., neither side would win a war. Trump, Pelosi, etc. in Washington believe otherwise.  They believe that they alone will win the war and assume control of the federal government and most of the state governments and thereby will vanquish the other side. We know why Trump believes this – he is a mentally ill moron, but why are the Dems acting irrationally? 

Cooperation Would Have Stopped the Mad Twitter 

America has moved toward ruin ever since its two major political parties decided on ideological purity rather than the overlapping mishmash of ideas and sentiments where some GOP were more liberal than some Dems. When purity enters the room, rationality is thrown out the window. There may be no phenomenon more destructive to a society’s well-being than the passion for purity. Everything becomes an existential battle between good and evil. And any cooperation with The Other is equivalent to consorting with Satan. 

Those who lust for power love Group Rights as it provides them an irrational basis to shun all cooperation. For Pelosi, the idea of protecting the nation from a madman was unthinkable since she would have had to cooperate with the GOP and surely their stock would have risen among the center if the GOP cooperated to Nixonize Trump. When the parties are divided into groups, then other Americans become your enemy and Lies and Myths become holy tools to defeat the evil ones.

We Are Headed Towards a Bloody Civil War 

Trump has already made clear that he will welcome armed resistance to remain in power.  Remember, had Pelosi and McConnell cooperated, we could have peacefully Nixonized Trump.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: [email protected]. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.