Don't Believe the Wizard!

GUEST COMMENTARY-For all the die-hard Trump supporters, you have to be a little skeptical when he comes out and says ingest disinfectant to cure Coronavirus. 

Yes, he says a lot of crazy sXXt, and in most cases, Trump’s truest supporters will back his nonsense and will say the reactions are fake news, that the media are twisting his words -- even though the video does not lie. 

But Democrats are making a huge mistake. And they’re paving the way for a Trump victory. 

Every day our liar-in-chief comes on TV campaigning in the form of a virus update press conference, CNN and MSNBC take to the air waves and talk Trump for the next 24 hours. 

Biden cannot get 20 minutes a day to promote himself. 

But in fact, Biden coming out and saying that Trump will try to postpone the elections ended up getting Trump more airtime, showing that Biden does not know the U.S. Constitution -- as in, who actually has the authority to postpone an election. 

So, here’s my advice for Dems: just let him talk. You know his base believes anything he says. He could have wiped out his whole base if they believed him and took Clorox internally! 

And advice for CNN and MSNBC: focus on journalism not on daily Trump commentary. You are aiding and abetting his re-election.


(Jay Handal is a long-time community activist and is associated with the cannabis industry.) Cartoon: Steve Benson Copyright 2020 Creators Syndicate. Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.