Media Adults Now Ignoring the Crazy of Trump and the GOP

MY TURN-Somewhere along the line, the Republican Party made a wrong turn from their core value beliefs and into the realm of insanity.

Most blame this on their wacko Tea Party that took them on a roller coaster ride, attacking everyone that wasn’t part of their cherry-picked pseudo-Christianity. The difference is that when you are on a ride, you have the option of getting off when it’s done. Not so with the GOP, as they have bought into this trip full time and with each new loop, the American public gets a refreshed view of their extremism; with trump rallying the group behind what can only appear as drug-induced word salad nonsense. 

Americans have a distilled vision of what is going on in the world. Most don’t both with global news and when you step outside of this arena you get a real hard glare of what the world thinks of us and specifically of the Republicans and trump. The truth is, they are all laughing and it isn’t “with” trump and the radical right, but at them. The embarrassment of trump in his ridiculous U.N. speech is simply one example. The asshat is so used to ranting in front of a group of his cult members that he forgot that this room was filled with intelligent and knowledgeable people. The result of his idiocy? He was laughed at as an insane man baby dictator wannabe. 

Each day that the conservatives occupy the White House and Congress brings us closer to the brink of disaster. Hold no hope that there are indeed people on the inside that are keeping the orange fingers away from the nuclear button, most are there as “yes-people,” to bow and grovel as the orange idiot wants them to do. 

However, through all this totally crazy existence, we try to look to the media to be truthful and inform the people. One only has to review the media’s response to the Sept. 26 so-called “press conference” held by trump to see that the trust is misplaced. The meandering, accusatory, bizarre rant moment that trump went through was interrupted only by his usual sniffing. Jumping from one subject to another, he not only made little or no sense, but absolutely appeared as if he was either on a drug bender. And how did the media handle it? Why of course, they ignored the insanity, acting like it was “business as usual” and made attempts at dissecting the spaghetti mess of a speech. In the world of psychology this is known as “enabling”, and the media has been doing it from the first moment trump stepped up to the screen. 

If you turned on any of the mainstream media channels after this wild and idiotic press conference, you would have seen the usual talking heads making attempts at deciding whether China was going to respond to trump’s accusation of election interference and ignoring all the proof that it has been Russia as well as trump’s bromance with Putin. There were contributing individuals addressing the latest sexual assault accusation against Kavanaugh, and possibly speaking on the fact that trump is supporting Kavanaugh while attacking the sexual assault victim. 

No One Is Addressing the Elephant in the Room! 

The fact that trump’s press conference was more akin to an entrance exam to an asylum!  

The trump Crazy Train 

We should have given up on mainstream media during the Presidential campaign. Each and every channel opened the doors of trump’s craziness…for ratings. In fact, they gave him SO much air time that his campaign didn’t have to buy media coverage! Where are the days where all candidates were required to receive equal time? That’s gone. Today it’s all about spreading the wackiest stories so that the media can increase their profit margins. 

There are a few that we can turn to and for coverage in truth, it is usually the Palmer Report. Variety made a lame attempt to be provocative, immediately after the most outrageous so-called “press conference” of Sept. 26, Variety stepped forward to simply copy and paste. The Variety article was light weight compared to what truly happened, highlighting quotes instead of addressing the seriousness of the obviously mentally ill trump. In their article“Six Wildest Moments From Trump’s Bizarre Press Conference,” they list the wacko comments that trump made, assuming that everyone will see them for the craziness that they represent. However, you have a general public that seems to have normalized trump’s lack of intelligent words, his accusations, and his downright stupid rhetoric, and expecting the people to read through the lines is unacceptable. 

Palmer Report once again came to the rescue with clear and concise reporting. As seen in the article“Donald Trump has psychotic break during utterly deranged press conference,” the article states what none of the other media reporting services have the guts to say: 

“Donald Trump couldn’t stop sniffing his way through his answers, which were largely incoherent. At one point, Trump began theorizing that George Washington probably had skeletons in his closet, and that might have been his most lucid answer. After Trump had begun things by calling on three male reporters, the third of the bunch asked Trump to call on a woman next. That led to MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson taking the mic. She asked him to state ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whether he thought Kavanaugh’s three accusers were liars. 

Trump refused to directly answer the question, and instead he began rambling about how he might have to watch tomorrow’s testimony to decide whether or not he believes Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. He glossed over the part where his Republican Party is refusing to allow Kavanaugh’s other two accusers to even testify. Strangely, Trump began hedging his bets by talking about the possibility of picking a replacement nominee if things go poorly for Kavanaugh tomorrow.”

The article continued with: 

“At one point, Trump tried to change the subject by calling on a reporter who asked a question about Venezuela. Trump then went on a rant about Cuba and began attacking “President Bama.” No really, he pronounced Obama’s name wrong. Somewhere in there he randomly accused Obama of having had his finger on the button to start an unspecified war. At one point, Trump began ranting about “Mr. Pillsbury,” and while he was referring to a real person, his performance up to that point was so deranged, people just assumed he was referring to the Pillsbury Dough Boy.” 

In the follow up article by Palmer Report entitled: “George Washington and Mr. Kurd: Donald Trump is in need of immediate medical attention.” 

“How do we even begin to sum up the most deranged eighty minutes of Donald Trump’s deranged existence? He went on a random rant about George Washington that was so incoherent, there was debate afterward as to whether Trump was defending him or attacking him. At another point Trump referred to a Kurdish reporter as ‘Mr. Kurd’ — one of the most horrifying things any U.S. President has ever said — and yet it’s in danger of being overshadowed by the other deranged things he said.” 

…. “In a sign that Trump’s handlers know how much trouble the nomination is in, they sent Trump out there to face reporters today, knowing that he’s mostly senile.” 

….“By the time the eighty minute debacle was over, the terms ‘George Washington’ and ‘Mr. Kurd’ and ‘25th Amendment Now’ were all trending on Twitter. If that doesn’t sum it up, nothing does. This man is in need of immediate medical attention.” 

Republicans and trump attack the victims and Michael Avenatti Steps Up to the Plate to Fight 

The historic demeaning of rape and sexual assault victims has worked very well. This is the reason that women don’t come forward and men like Lindsey Graham and trump know it. However, attorney Michael Avenatti is one man that these Neanderthal knuckle draggers aren’t prepared for. Avenatti is representing the case of porn star Stormy Daniels against trump, and he is also representing the latest accusers of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh. Avenatti is smarter and clearly doesn’t back down from the usual vindictive venom that is spewed by trump and the GOP. 

There is no denying that the behavior of the Republicans, including many of their women, as well as trump is such that they are the type of actions we teach our children to fight against. The fact that trump attacked Avenatti personally, calling him a “con artist” and a “low life.” 

However, Avenatti fires back in response bringing up Michael Cohen, who was trump’s lawyer and just plead guilty to multiple felonies, including felonies that involve trump. Avenatti simply states that trump’s comments are laughable and that he has been kicking trump’s butt and that of (what is left) of his attorneys for seven months. 

Avenatti continued with one of the best comments to trump thus far: 

“I am thoroughly enjoying living in your head rent-free, Donald Trump.” 

If mainstream media won’t step up to the plate of honesty, we know that we can turn to a few sources such as Palmer Report and a few individuals such as Avenatti, who will call it like it is. 

After watching the trainwreck of trump’s U.N. speech, where he was laughed at by almost everyone present, and then the horror of a so-called press conference of Sept. 26, when is mainstream media going to wake up and be the media that Americans look to? 

(S. Novi is a journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises. Her posts originate at Medium.com.) Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.