GUEST WORDS—(This Insider look at Vladimir Putin was made available to CityWatch through the auspices of our Washington DC Bureau Chief, Sara Corcoran.)  When I look at coverage of Vladimir Putin in the American media, I’m regularly shocked and puzzled by what I see.  Russia’s authoritarian, mobbed-up president is commonly portrayed as an authoritarian superman: Putin the uber-politician; Putin, the commanding figure of power and puissance on the world stage; Putin, the Machiavellian master schemer whose tentacles stretch from the Kremlin to the Trump White House, where he has skillfully managed to collude with, if not the president, then almost certainly those around him.

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GELFAND’S WORLD--One or two mass shootings ago, the Commander in Chief responded to a reporter's question by stating that it wasn't the time to talk about gun control. Well, he's had weeks and weeks to talk about it since then and doesn't seem to have gotten around to it. I guess it just slipped his mind. What will the Republican congress do in light of yesterday's massacre? Do we even need to ask? 

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