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1. California Population Decline is Real
... its demons. Don’t count on having that much time, though – the clock ticks faster in the Digital Age. (Jerry Sullivan is a writer for TheRealDeal.com where this article was first published.)  ...
Created on 28 February 2022
2. Garcetti’s Legacy
... to a fault. “He doesn’t use his political capital at all,” notes L.A. journalist Jerry Sullivan, who has covered downtown in a decades-long career for various publications and now writes the widely read ...
Created on 05 August 2021
3. Against the Current on LA River—When Will ‘Progressives’ Learn to Listen?
... d be better off if everyone who likes to quote Gehry actually listened to him when it comes to the LA River. (Jerry Sullivan is the founder and chief columnist of SullivanSaysSoCal.com. This perspecti ...
Created on 10 February 2020
4. 10 Questions on Public Corruption for LA’s “Progressive” Mayor
...  about public corruption. (Jerry Sullivan is founder and chief columnist for SullivanSaysSoCal.com @SullivanSaysSC. This perspective was posted most recently at New Geography, edited by Joel Kotkin) -C ...
Created on 02 December 2019
5. A Primer on Politics of Homelessness in LA
... ic bits of data that could be used to trick us all into letting politicians turn another crisis into an opportunity for their selfish interests. (Jerry Sullivan is founder and chief columnist for SullivanSaysSoCal.c ...
Created on 27 June 2019
6. Rooting for Scooters
... the place where the market could make the call on the latest digital disruption. (Jerry Sullivan is the editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal. This piece was posted most recently at New Geography.)  ...
Created on 13 August 2018
7. Where are All the Monuments to the Progressive Americans?
... Arthur Miller, Jane Jacobs, Jerry Wurf, Barry Commoner, Pete Seeger, Howard Zinn, Michael Harrington, William Sloane Coffin, Allard Lowenstein, John Kenneth Galbraith, Ted Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Tom Hayden,  ...
Created on 18 September 2017
8. Tom Hayden and Brentwood Homeowners Get Bulldozed by City Hall
... son Jerry as California’s governor.  Soon an acquaintance drops by to say hello. “I had a stroke two months ago and I’m still recovering,” Hayden says by way of explaining the cane he now uses for support. ...
Created on 16 July 2015