Thu, Jul

Shooting in my neighborhood

Last night someone got shot in my neighborhood.  I don’t think they were killed but it was still very disturbing to hear a gunshot right outside my building.  I was hopeful that it was just a firework, but I knew it wasn’t  When I heard the police show up and heard people crying outside I knew that I was not mistaken about what I heard.  I never saw an ambulance so I don’t know if the upset people were just scared or if someone was actually hurt.

The whole thing is sad and horrible and makes Hollywood feel like a war-zone.  I walk my dog all the time and it was a reminder that anyone living in a big city or anywhere else is not ever totally safe from harm.  We can make choices to reduce the danger as much as possible, but beyond that we need to continue on our path as gracefully as we can.  

It would be easy to get down on the city or on all the guns and violence, but instead I will make a point today to let the people I care about know. Staying positive in the face of violence is not easy, but I choose to take this as a reminder of how precious life can be and will do my very best to choose my focus wisely.