The Great Protector: Vitamin E

WELLNESS--Vitamin E is an antioxidant and right after vitamin C was one of the very first compounds to be turned into a supplement. It can only be found in food or supplements and is an important factor in protecting the body against pollutants, toxicity, eye disease, heart disease, and even neurological disorders. There are also studies showing that vitamin E can be helpful in keeping cancer at bay and that it can be beneficial in treating and preventing certain types of dementia. 

It is a fat-soluble vitamin meaning it dissolves in fat and can be found naturally in meat, fruit, vegetables, wheat germ, and eggs. If you feel your diet isn’t including enough vitamin E, you can supplement. Studies show that 400 IU’s a day seems to be beneficial and safe. Anything over 400 IU’s and there is some evidence that with certain patients with a history of heart issues, there can be complications. Most people however will be fine with 400 IU’s a day. As always, it is best to discuss with your primary care provider before you start taking supplements. This goes double for people with serious pre-existing conditions or for people that are taking blood thinners. 

When purchasing a vitamin E supplement it may seem confusing. The trick is to find a vitamin E complex that includes all 4 tocopherols and not just one or two. We especially don’t want to purchase products with dl-alpha-tocopherol. Not all supplements are created equally, so talk to your health and wellness providers before undergoing major changes to your diet and lifestyle. Health and wellness is a moving target, and even those of us with our fingers on the pulse of health are under constant pressure to keep up with research and the ever changing landscape of wellness. 

(Christian Cristiano is an acupuncturist in LA, TV host of Wellness for Realists and writes on wellness regularly for CityWatch. Christian can be reached at 310.909.6956 twitter: Cristiano_heals.)