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Grade Our City: Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates Want Your Opinion

USE YOUR VOICE-Our city of Los Angeles oversees dozens of departments which provide services to over four million people. 

Yet, we Angelenos never have a chance to provide feedback on their performance or efficiency. That also goes for our elected officials. Outside of an election year, rarely do we have a chance to let our officials know how we think they are doing.  

That changes today. 

Please join us by completing your first annual City Services Report Card and let your voice be heard!

Access the Report Card at: http://bit.ly/LAreportcard 

If you wish to complete a printed-hard copy Report Card, please visit the link below.


Print the form. Once completed, scan and return to: 

[email protected] 

Once our grading period has ended, we will post and distribute the results. You will be able to see how each Department and service stacks up. 

The grading period will end on Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PST. 

Thank you for your participation! 

Please share this email with your friends, families, and colleagues to ensure that we all have a chance to provide this critical feedback!

(John DiGregorio is Vice Chair of Communications and Outreach Chair for the NC Budget Advocates. He is also Treasurer of the Panorama City Neighborhood Council. 

Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.