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Christie Got It Right: Even a Blind Man Hits a Bullseye Every Now and Then

CERDAFIED-Townhall reports: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie  this week after saying that he feels parents should have a choice as to whether or not they vaccinate their children, adding that that’s a “balance the government has to decide.” But despite the criticism he received, Salem radio host Mike Gallagher suggested what he said is in fact the ‘.’ 

Indeed, conservatives stand against the overbearing power of the federal government, it's lack of constitutional standing, and its unending interference with parental choice and power. The government regulates what shouldn't be regulated and imposes no regulation on things that should .....such as fracking, chemtrails, GMO's, cellphone towers and so forth. 

The impact on human health goes beyond negligence, and can't be blamed on bad science. It is darn right sinister! With evil intent! 

Humans are just collateral damage, as disposable as aborted fetuses or our returning veterans, at least to our government.  


(Lisa Cerda is Editor and columnist of American Outrage, and a contributor to CityWatch since 2008. She became a land use activist, fighting an avalanche of approved projects that could not meet local and state zoning laws and successfully won each case. She is VP of Community Rights Foundation of LA.)Twitter: @CerdafiedLisa 




Vol 13 Issue 14

Pub: Feb 17, 2015