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Miracle Mile Association Will Turn Their Cameras on Nighttime Subway Construction

POLITICS-The Miracle Mile Residential Association’s Board of Directors recently reaffirmed their commitment to “digital” community outreach by authorizing the expenditure of over $2,000 for the purchase of high-definition video equipment. This will facilitate a range of video productions for the MMRA Channel on YouTube, from interviews with political candidates to public meetings – such as the upcoming Miracle Mile HPOZ workshop – and the recent McMansion protest by the Melrose community.  

The board’s decision was also motivated by a desire to monitor subway construction, specifically nighttime work. “Many folks living well south of Wilshire have no idea what’s going on with the late night subway work there,” explained MMRA President Jim O’Sullivan. “Seeing and hearing it on video will show everyone exactly why we launched our ‘Sleepless in the Miracle Mile’ petition campaign to stop nighttime subway construction.”
An example of the sort of nighttime construction that Metro has been conducting in the Miracle Mile can be seen on the video above. Utility relocation involves moving underground infrastructure to clear the way for subway tunneling. Metro maintains that it can mitigate the noise and not disturb the peace and quiet of nearby residents. You can judge for yourself how well they achieve this goal. 

(Posted first in the excellent MMRA Newsletter.)  






Vol 12 Issue 101

Pub: Dec 16, 2014