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Exposed: Mexico’s Military Incursions into the US

CERDAFIED-Let’s talk about America’s dirty little secret. Our problem with immigration and border security is much worse than you’re being told.  We all know that the border is a flood gate, not dam for illegal aliens. We know that a large percentage of those who cross over, are criminals, gang members and part of the drug cartel. But did you know that members of the Mexican Military use the tunnels to enter America without seeking permission from the U.S.? Or crossover at will? 

Last month a Border Patrol Agent (BPA) from the Chula Vista Border Patrol Station was guarding a drug tunnel located at a warehouse in Otay Mesa, California, along with a Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) Agent.   The agents detected movement in the tunnel on camera’s and requested back up. 

The men in the tunnel were dressed in army fatigues, and sporting assault rifles. They were ordered to identify themselves, and provide military credentials but were unable to do so.   They were further questioned while remaining in the tunnel, and then told to turn around and return to Mexico via the tunnel. 

The men in fatigues wanted to exit the tunnel and be given water, but were denied. They insisted they were military personnel. The BPA’s and HSI agent notified the Mexican police and the USBP Mexican Liaison Team in order to identify them. (Read the rest … including what happened next … here.)





Vol 12 Issue 38

Pub: May 9, 2014