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Tomorrowland! What Los Angeles Could Look Like

HUFF POST FORECAST-Outsiders stereotype Los Angeles as car-addicted, polluted and lacking in public transit. But the City of Angels has undergone major changes over the past few decades. 

LA is moving toward a greener future, friendlier to pedestrians, metro users and bicyclists. There are various development projects planned, particularly in downtown and Hollywood, which are becoming more dense and vertically-built. These projects preserve historic architecture while adding apartments, parks, retail and entertainment. 


These 20 architectural renderings give us a glimpse into a stunning Los Angeles of the future... 

  1. Park 101  

Park 101 would cover a portion of the 101 freeway in downtown with a park. As it's currently envisioned, Park 101 would connect the Civic Center (south of the freeway) with Olvera Street, Chinatown and Union Station (north of the freeway). 

In August, the LA City Council unanimously approved a motion to seek funding for the proposal. 

There are also proposed plans for parks built on top of freeways  -- called cap parks -- in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Glendale and Ventura.


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Vol 11 Issue 105

Pub: Dec 31, 2013