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VIDEO: Kevin James Campaigns with Former Mayor Richard Riordan at Original Pantry Café

(Los Angeles, CA)- This morning, former Mayor Richard Riordan and mayoral candidate Kevin James spoke with residents at the Original Pantry Café in downtown Los Angeles.

Riordan recently endorsed James in his bid for L.A. mayor believing he is the only candidate capable of achieving real pension reform for the city. 

“Kevin is the only candidate who is not owned by the unions and special interest groups currently running City Hall,” said former Mayor Richard Riordan. “Our City is on the brink of bankruptcy and without real pension reform it’s only a matter of time until our once beautiful and thriving city is unable to provide basic services to the residents of Los Angeles. I am confident Kevin is tough enough to turn L.A. around.” 

“I am honored to have the support of former Mayor Richard Riordan,” said former federal prosecutor and mayoral candidate Kevin James. “Our city is in desperate need of real pension reform, and I am the only candidate who is capable of bringing the unions together and creating a mutual agreement.  We have to have honest conversations in order to create meaningful change for the city’s long-term future." 

­(View video here.)