Tue, May

SEIU Locals Endorse Ron Galperin for City Controller

The Ron Galperin for City Controller campaign today announced that the members and leaders of seven Local SEIU unions have voted to endorse Ron Galperin for Los Angeles City Controller.  


"Ron Galperin is a qualified, creative and dependable expert on municipal finance, and the members of SEIU 721 are proud to support his campaign for City Controller," said SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover. "City workers know and trust Ron Galperin, due to his hard work as Chair of the Commission on Revenue Efficiency (CORE) and as the President of the City's Quality and Productivity Commission. He understands LA's finances and our members believe that he is the best person to manage them." 

Among the endorsing SEIU Locals are SEIU 721, which represents 85,000 public workers in Southern California, including more than 10,000 LA city employees, as well as SEIU ULTCW (representing long-term care workers), SEIU USWW (representing janitors and service employees), SEIU UHW (representing healthcare workers), SEIU Local 1000 (representing California state employees), SEIU Local 99 (representing education workers) and SEIU 121 RN (representing Registered Nurses).  In total, the seven LA-area SEIU Locals represent more than 620,000 workers. 

"As President of the City's Quality and Productivity Commission, I found that often, the best and most creative ways to make our City operate more efficiently come from the employees who work on behalf of people in Los Angeles every day, said Galperin.  "I am committed to making sure these suggestions are not only heard, but also actually put into practice. 

"I am grateful for the support of the tens of thousands of working men and women of SEIU and I look forward to continuing to work toward our common goal of a more effective and more financially stable City government in Los Angeles," Galperin continued. 

The support of these seven Local unions adds to a growing list of key supporters of Galperin's campaign for Controller, which includes former City Controllers Laura Chick and Rick Tuttle, Councilmember and former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Bernard Parks, the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, Los Angeles County Democratic Party and the Los Angeles Times.  For a complete list of endorsements, please visit RonForLA.com/endorsements.  

As chair of the LA Commission on Revenue Efficiency (CORE), Galperin lead a group seven city finance experts in developing recommendations for $450 million in annual savings, efficiencies and collection improvements presented last year to the Mayor and City Council. Galperin also currently serves as President of the City's Quality & Productivity Commission, a 15-member volunteer panel that is charged with identifying opportunities to improve the performance of City departments.


(Ron Galperin is candidate for City Controller. This report provided CityWatch by Ron Galperin for Controller campaign. RonForLA.com