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This Gun Control Fight Is Different: It’s Being Led By Parents

THE SANDY HOOK PROMISE - Almost from the moment the gunshots exploded though school hallways last month, we have been wondering if this was the one, the tipping point, the last straw that would finally bring change. After all, there had been so many other shootings, each followed by lamentations and pleas for action, and each soon forgotten. 
This time though, things are looking very different. 
Wednesday President Obama introduced the most sweeping gun control legislation in decades.
Yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed new gun laws that make New York's the strictest in the nation. 
And just as it is becoming clearer that this might be the start of real change, it is also clear what is making it so: this one is about parents and children. 
In the days after Newtown, I wrote here in Parentry that this ghastly shooting is different from all the other ghastly shootings because it leaves parents no place to hide. Every single parent in America could put themselves in the that average Friday morning picture -- doing the mundane, routine, innocent thing and dropping a first grader off at school. I wondered whether this unvarnished, back-against-the-wall reality would finally galvanize parents to action.
It has. 
Vol 11 Issue 6
Pub: Jan 18, 2013